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April 12, 2015

I am over on the Blogtacular blog this week. Click on the picture to find out my thoughts on blogging, including why I started, why my blog is called ‘A place of my own’ and my sage words of advice to others thinking of starting a blog. Oh and why I am going to Blogtacular 2015.


Finish Along 2015 – Quarter 2

April 8, 2015

Spring Quilt Progress

Well in Quarter 1 I had 14 projects on my list and I finished 12. I am really pleased with that. I wrote about and linked up most of them, with the exception of a Coco (Tilly Button’s Pattern) for me. I did make it but it didn’t turn out brilliantly. It is sad because I would get so much wear out of a top / tunic like that. I need another go but I think I need to do a class on sewing with knits first because I found it really hard.

So onto my plans for the second quarter of 2015.

Rolling over:

1. Christmas Quilt – I unpicked a table runner that I made this year because I decided it really should  be a quilt. I expect this will roll over into other quarters though.

2. Oakshott Quilt – I have had fun making and playing with some blocks using a fat eights bundle that I have had for the past 18months. This is a #sewmystash project. I like where it is going but it is an odd size at the moment so need to work out what to do next.


3. #cottonandsteelminiquiltswap mini. I have started this with a paper pieced centre, I just need to extend it before finishing it.

4. #alisonglassminiquilt mini. I have made the front I need to baste, quilt and bind.

5. #IGneedlebookswap Needle book to be made. I have a pattern in mind, and have decided which fabrics.

6. Spring Stitching Club lap quilt. I am making this for me. It is so sweet and it is using up all my scrappy hexies which I love. And it has embroidery on it too. As it will be summer at the end of this quarter I really hope I have finished this (see picture above).

7. A drawstring bag for a friend’s birthday

That is all that I can think about at the moment. I am sure that there will be much more but for now my mind is blank. Hopefully I will get some selfish sewing done too.

I am linking up with Adrianne from On the Windy Side.

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side



A month of…

April 6, 2015

a month of walking header

I thought that it might be nice in March to have a month of walking. I knew that it would do me good to get outside every day. It was much more than that in the end. I walked my way into Spring. It cleared my head and made me feel great.

A month of walking5

The month started well with ‘Bike to school week’ or in our case scoot to school. The competiton element of it at school meant that Piran was adamant that we scooted or walked every day the first week. We live just under a mile from the school. In the past I have been relucant to walk as it is along a busy road and two small children on scooters was always a little too stressful really. It is definitely better these days. The week ended and I just carried on walking them to school most days. Shh don’t tell them.

A month of walking

The second week I started to walk the longer way home on the days that I drop them both off. Making Kate do both directions is a struggle. I borrowed a buggy around week 3 but I felt it made her lazier and so it went back to its owner and she got back on the scooter. I have to push her a fair bit but that just means I am getting more exercise. I love walking the long way home on Monday and Friday mornings – I get back between 9.30-10 and I feel great that I have already had some head space and exercise.

A month of walking4

I think that in past years Spring always seemed to just happen. This year I have really watched it. It is amazing. At the start of the month it was all bare branches against blue skies and then suddenly there was blossom. A tree that was bare a few days ago can be in bloom a couple days later. Daffodils popped up everywhere – so many different types. Everything has gone from brown to green. So many little shoots poking their heads up. The snowdrops are now gone and tulips are filling their places.

A month of walking3

I found new routes, I went a bit further when I had time. I found my way around the back lanes of my village. I got caught out by the weather – both too hot and wet and cold. I walked during the day, I watched the sun set and the moon rise and I walked at night.  I saw rainbows that ended in the sea. I was usually on my own. I always have my headphones. I listened to audiobooks and podcasts. I occasionally listened to music.

A month of walking2

I have done a lot of thinking. I have bought maps and considered routes. I bought a fitbit bracelet and I count my daily steps. I am aiming to reach 12,500 per day and I managed it almost every day. There was only one day in March that I didn’t walk somewhere and that was the final Saturday. I was feeling so very lazy.I went on adventures – set off without really knowing where I was headed and had the perfect walk. I saw my first bee and butterfly of the year. In the last week I have been amazed by how busy the birds are.

A month of walking1

Now I am at the end. I have walked a really long way (average 40 miles a week when you add up my steps). W on my Alphabet of Intentions was for Walk More. N was for Notice things. I think I have definitely done those two. And I am going to keep on walking.

On the 16th May I am going to take part in The Chestnut Tree’s Night to Remember – a 10 mile walk at midnight along Eastbourne seafront. Chestnut Tree House is the only children’s hospice in Sussex, and cares for life-limited children and young adults aged 0-19, and provides support for their families. I am doing it for a couple of reasons. My friend Kim has a disabled son and uses the hospice services. She asked me to join her as part of her team so there are 15 of us walking to raise money. The ‘Ringmer Rampage’ team :)

Secondly I am doing this as a challenge to myself. I need to be more active and so this gives me something to aim for. As the weeks have gone on I have been extending my distances – doing one ‘long’ walk a week and will continue to do so until I do the 10 miles in May. It isn’t much but for someone who rarely moves herself it is a real challenge. I want to be more active and fitter and what better way to do it than for a great charity.

If you could spare some money to sponsor me I would be really grateful. We are fundraising as a team so you can sponsor me via Kim’s Just Giving Page. If you would prefer to sponsor me in the old fashioned cash way just let me know.


#1day12pics { April }

April 4, 2015

Each month seems to come round so quickly. I find this challenge much easier to do when I have a theme so this month I decided to photograph the colour and pattern around me as I went through the day.

In bed :: Working :: Breakfast :: Getting dressed :: Town :: Fabric shopping

In bed :: Working :: Breakfast :: Getting dressed :: Town :: Fabric shopping

Sorting through boxes :: Ironing scraps :: Tidying up :: Preparing :: Dinner :: Bathtime

Sorting through boxes :: Ironing scraps :: Tidying up :: Preparing :: Dinner :: Bathtime

It is hard to pick a favourite. I wasn’t sure as I went through the day that I was happy with the pictures but I love them like this all together.


Silly Faces

April 3, 2015

Another for my alphabet of intentions. M…Make more films.

So today the new thing I did was challenge myself to make a stop motion film in an afternoon. I have been wanting to do one of the kids for ages and so I just stopped thinking about it and just did it.

The results aren’t perfect but I do love it.

Silly Faces from Kelly-Marie Cheesley on Vimeo.


B….Be Brave

April 1, 2015

My month of walking was amazing – I will write about it in the next few days.

However, it is now April and so I needed to choose what to do next. Victoria has been repeating her 40 New Things for Lent again this year and I thought that would be a good idea. And then I saw this film and decided that it was the perfect idea. It is time to stretch myself, step out of my comfort zone and see what happens.

Dallas Clayton from Field Trip on Vimeo.

I really was so inspired and happy after watching this video. It is 30 minutes long, but I really hope that you find the time to watch it and find out what ‘kid lessons’ actually are.

And then I realised that a month of 30 new things in April slots into my alphabet of intentions perfectly. B is for Be Brave. Time to dare to dream and step out of my comfort zone a little, who knows what might happen.


From the studio { March }

March 31, 2015

studio view march 1studio view march 2Blue skies for a mostly dry March. This month I managed 10 trips to the studio which is a fair amount of sewing time. I have felt back in the sewing groove too which is nice. We are on school holidays again now, and so there will be much less sewing in April. I bought home two bags of scraps for sorting though to give me something to do.

March Makes

Inside the studio (top row) Siblings together boy blocks for Mary, Siblings together girl blocks for Joanne, Pouches made for Mr C’s goddaughter.

(Middle row) My Totoro quilt for the #studioghibliswap sent off to my partner earlier this month. I haven’t received my parcel yet, I must get better at blogging about swaps. A Wanta Fanta Block for our March Queen Bee, My Alison Glass fabric finally arrived.

(Bottom row) Commissioned by my mum for friends of hers who asked her to make them – two Kitchen Aid mixer covers. Tricky to make as I don’t have a Kitchen Aid myself and might have been seen surreptitiously trying these on in a shop in town to make sure they fit. I find it really hard to make something when I cannot be sure it is right!(Top row)

March Makes1(Top row) Houndstooth block – I was considering this for my month as Queen Bee in April. I decided I didn’t like it that much but I made 4 to be sure first! I played around with the layouts until I decided to sew it together this way. This will now be my mini quilt for the #alisonglassminiquiltswap – just needs basting, quilting and binding.

(Middle row) My first attempt at paper piecing. I have now done a lot of paper piecing this month! I made this star for the centre of my #cottonandsteelminiquiltswap mini and then I added a border and have fussy cut some blocks to go around the outside. Lou was sewing with me on Tuesday last week and told me that she had lost her sunglasses case so I whipped up this case for her quickly.

(Bottom row) I made myself a Wanta Fanta for my sampler quilt, The Star Plus block is the block I have decided to ask for as my month as Queen Bee in April, and I finally made myself this banner, breaking out my Cricut Explore and the pink glitter iron on vinyl.


I am totally behind on my blog posts for the FAL Q1 so you may be bombarded by makes in the next few days while I get up to date so I can link up. I think that I have done really well this quarter so I definitely need to review.

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Kate { March 2015 }

March 29, 2015


After months and months of odd socks you will suddenly only wear matched pairs.

You always insist you were ‘just singing a song’ when we tell you off for saying something.

Your favourite words are wee and poo. So very 3.

I love the occasional mispronounced word you still use. Like Loah (Noah) and JoFish (Joseph).

You are very excited about your 4th birthday. I cannot believe it is so soon.

Your teacher at nursery tells me you have an amazing imagination with a brilliant vocabulary to support it.

I love your proper laugh so much.


Piran { March 2015 }

March 28, 2015

Piran32015You have been really looking forward to the school holidays.

You have been telling everyone we are going on holiday to Heaven (Devon).

You scooted to school almost every day this month.

You got a good report from your teacher at Parent’s Evening, it made us very proud.

Some days you and I struggle to get on. It is mostly my fault.

You always ask me for something before even starting to look. You are definitely related to your Father.

You make me smile every day.

You give the best hugs and kisses when ever I ask.

You love football and lego and books and playing outside.

Yours Truly

Anxiety Hangover

March 22, 2015

Life generally is pretty damn good at the moment. So much so that I have a partial blog post running through my brain that I was planning on writing this week, if I could find the time.

Then Friday came and with it a dentist appointment (well hygienist). Booked for 2.30 in the afternoon after a couple of rescheduling issues. First thing in the morning I woke feeling unsettled. I took the kids to school, walked home, did some work. All the time I was feeling worse and worse. By lunchtime I was freaking out. My 2pm I was in a complete state. I made it there for my appointment but once I was in the chair I turned into a blubbering wreck. She was new to me and lovely but I fell apart. She took some measurements and explained that she needed to do a *something technical sounding horrific* clean on my teeth and the best thing to do would be to numb my mouth.

I just fell apart completely at that point. I just wasn’t mentally prepared for injections. And so I apologised a million times, paid and left. I have agreed to come back in 2 weeks to have it done. It will take two appointments. I have booked them for the earliest possible.

There were things that made it worse. Not knowing what would happen when I went, the appointment being so late in the afternoon. Things that I can manage for next time I go.

Oh but the anxiety. My whole body was shaking. I felt sick. I started breathing funny, and that makes me automatically blow out on my out breath which makes me look strange. I start to hum or sing to myself. It is horrible. It is so long since I have been in that state.

It occurs to me that going to the dentist has got worse again lately and I realised it is because I no longer take anti depressants. I guess that they were managing my anxiety. Yes I felt wound up when I went but nothing like I have been in the past and how I was on Friday.

Once I left I had a good cry (in the middle of town thank goodness for sunglasses) and then went to a friend’s leaving party and drank a bit too much for 5pm on a Friday. And since then I feel dreadful, the worst of the anxiety has gone but I am left with a sort of hangover. I can’t settle properly. I am on edge and extremely short tempered. Small things make me feel anxious again (going bowling this morning – ridiculous).

I had to write this down, to record it. I am hoping that by getting it out now I can relax, go to bed early and wake up tomorrow ready to take on the world again.


Our Magnolia started flowering today. Not very relevant but a reminder perhaps that life isn’t all bad.