10.45 – 11.45

June 21, 2006

10.45   Paul comes into my office and asks me to take my break so he can talk to me. Millions of bad news scenarios run through my head. Make a cigarette and go outside. Turns out the letting agents just want to know how long our tenancy will be and what date we want it to start. Throw in a good rant about my morning so far for effect.

11.00   Back to my desk. Email received from Soulmining and one from Adz wanting me to sponsor him for running a mile for Sports Relief. I do so because I am nice like that. In one easy step I give him 50% of his sponsorship target. Fuzzy warm feeling inside.

11.10   Working hard

11.15   Still working

11.20   Read Lèonie’s blog and leave comment.

11.30   Threaten to do happy dance if my next transaction at work completes ok.

11.35   Dammit looks like I might have to do that dance.

11.45   Finish email and send. The dance can wait!

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