1.45 – 2.45

June 21, 2006

1.45    Back from lunch. Didn’t actually have anything to eat as I had to drive Paul to Ringmer to get his car. Looked at my new house (hopefully) on the drive past. Very exciting!

1.50    Four emails received in the hour I was away. Mainly work but one Hoff related email. Which is always good. This week, a football themed one with the ref showing a red card with Hoff’s face on it and the caption “You’re Hoff”. Classic!

2.20    Offended Shining Wit who I now sit next to by telling him that I never know if he is being genuine or not (he is very sarcastic). He can take it though.

2.46    Bugger where did that hour go? Must have done some work. They just played the song on the radio that I have been trying to remember the name of for MONTHS and it was hazard – Richard Marx. Completely uninteresting but true!

2.29    Realised that I just read my clock wrong and it is actually 20 mins earlier than I thought it was, Please ignore previous comment about wondering where the hour went, I just found a third of it right in front of me.

2.30    Drink second cup of tea that new girl has made.

2.31    Someone calls one of the reps “Brucey” and we are off with the “Nice to see you, to see you nice” and “Brucey Bonus”. The Excitement never stops.

2.40    Listen in on gossip that is about Paul and the job he wants to apply for. It stops, I put headphones in again.

2.45    Reserve some library books. God, today is boring. Just totally wasted those 20 mins I found!

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