January 17, 2012

At the start of 2010 I wrote a post about my ‘Themeword‘ for the year. I cannot say that I am a fan of calling it a themeword but I did like that post. The word I chose, DISCOVERY, was perfect. Last year I do not appear to have written a follow up post, or picked a word for 2011. In hindsight I think the word of 2011 for me was SURVIVAL. Life threw a lot at us last year but we survived and we came through with a beautiful family and a lot of love.

This year I am keen to look forward and although yet again we seem to be in a period of big changes and upheavals it will be good for me to have something to focus on this year.

So for 2012 my word of the year will be HOME.

I want to make the most of our home. I want to continue our hard work and make it a warm and welcoming place. I want it to be beautiful and cosy. I want to make it work for us, to suit us. I want to make it comfortable and sustaining. If Mr C is away a lot next year I want it to be a calm and happy place to return to each time. I want it to be a family home, full of beautiful and useful things. I want to remove the clutter and the excess and make room for fun and love and people. I want it to be a place that people want to visit. I want to look around and think that this home reflects who I am as a person and who we are as a family. I want to fill it with things that I have made, or bought with purpose. Every time I make something for our home I will include good thoughts and wishes as I sew or create. I hope that it will be a place in which my family can live, and not be afraid to mess it up along the way.

Hopefully I will achieve all of this and that the spirit of what I create will be captured here in my online home.

Although January is fast disappearing I have made two promises to myself this year and I think that it would be nice to record them here. I have not set the bar too high, so hopefully I will succeed in some way.

:: I will add to my happiness jar all year.

:: I will make a concerted effort to make all birthday presents for friends and family this year.

:: I will use fabric from my stash and only buy fabric needed to complete a project. No more stash building.

:: I will learn to use the DSLR camera and improve my photography.

I need some help with the second one. I love making things and Pinterest is an endless source of inspiration* but after my step mum’s birthday my dad is next and I am at a loss. What can I make for the man in my life? Please leave some suggestions in the comments I will love you forever.

I would also love to hear what your word of 2012 will be. Leave me a comment, or even blog about it and leave me the link.

*Have you seen the #PinAddicts challenge? If you love pinterest and making things it is for you.

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