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Grey, Mustard and Teal dreams.

2012 October 15
by Kelly

I read about the competition to win a room makeover on the Tots100 site about a week ago. I thought about it briefly and then realised that I’d never find the time to enter.

But it was stuck in my brain and as I wondered what I could actually do with £2,500 I found myself daydreaming as I hoovered up another meal from the so far gone it is embarrassing carpet that is the flooring in our living / dining room it struck me that like everything you have to be in it to win it and if I wasn’t prepared to try then it would entirely be my fault when I am stuck with the banana / milk / blueberry / ketchup / everything else stained carpet.

So I grabbed my pen and I measured the room. Then I measured the hallway for good measure. Then I scribbled some notes, and drew a plan of what the room is like now. I was so happy scribbling away, popping back every few minutes to add something new that I decided that my written pages were what I would use for my blog post. I got a little carried away thinking that I could make a miniature version using a cereal packet or shoe box but I came to my senses as most days I don’t have time to brush my hair when Mr C is away so I have my pages and a quick collage of pictures which I hope captures the colour scheme I would love.

The good and the bad of the existing space

Our very cluttered existing living / dining room

The room I would love

What we would love to have

What we would need to change

After a quick online browse when Kate was napping and Piran was amused I have come up with these few items that I would love. After some thought I think that I would actually like a 3 seater sofa bed and a statement armchair (this one is a vintage one from ebay that has already sold). I love the teal colour of the doors on this low level storage from Ikea. The paint is Farrow and Ball Cornforth White. The retro flowers are Floral Dot Turquoise Laminated fabric from Oilcloth addict that my table is already covered in. I would probably pick fabric and make cushions myself but these ones from John Lewis show the colours and different textures that I would like to use. The rug is from Ikea too, I love the fact that it is a square not a rectangle but I am not sure I love the actual design. I think this dream room of mine will be a work in progress, even in my mind. See, I just came across these curtains which I love at John Lewis – Sanderson Dandelion Clock Curtains, Chaffinch.

Wooden flooring, pale grey walls, accents of mustard and teal.

So there you go. My somewhat hastily thrown together entry for the Tots 100 Home Decor Challenge. I am off to imagine what it would be like to live there. painting and decorating

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  1. October 16, 2012

    I want that living room! That colour scheme is utterly gorgeous. And that armchair… *dreams*

    • Kelly permalink
      October 16, 2012

      I know. So pretty right. Thing is now I really have to have it. Better start saving in case I don’t win!

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