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No phones allowed.

March 19, 2013

This post has been written by me in conjunction with John Lewis about a subject I wanted to write about. It includes links of my choosing for which I have been compensated for my time. More information on this can be found on my Disclosure for Readers page.

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I picked up my phone last week to look for an address that I knew someone had sent me in a message. I had checked my emails, gone into twitter to see if I had any @ mentions and was scrolling through Instagram before I remembered what I was meant to be doing. And I was in a rush!

Photo 18-03-2013 20 02 45It scares me a little how important my phone is to me. As a stay at home mum it feels like it is my link to the outside world most days. As a blogger it is the way that I interact with people, through Twitter and emails. As a crafty person it is where I find my inspiration, where I dream of my next project, where I get my fabric fix. Any question that pops into my head during the day I usually just turn to Google and nine times out of ten I have the answer. If I don’t I just ask Twitter instead. My phone is my camera and how I share my ups and downs each day. I record our life in pictures, through Instagram. My phone is my link to messenger and friends on hand when I need something, be it a rant, or just five minutes to sit and chat.

Recently I have been wondering what this looks like from my children’s point of view. A couple weeks ago Kate picked my phone up off the table and gave it to me, as if it not being in my hand was somehow the wrong thing. I don’t usually let them play with it, only if we are out and I need to distract them really. I wonder if they just see it as an extension of me. Technology changes so fast, what will it be like when they are my age?

Victoria wrote a post about Disconnecting recently. It really rang true with me. I know that we are terrible with switching off and both Mr C and I will be watching TV together but at the same time tweeting, on Facebook etc. As much as people like to think you can concentrate on two things like that you just can’t. For me though the problem is my unconscious habit. I pick up my phone and lose time without even realising. Reaching for my phone is the first thing I do in the morning. My phone is a lifeline in the middle of the night when I am up with one child or other but I find myself running out of things to do and refreshing and rechecking app after app.

I think that it is time to find ways to reduce my phone usage. I have tried turning it off in the evenings and that works well. I was thinking of trying to have a whole day at the weekend where I don’t use it but I am not sure I am ready for that. I do think however that it is time to remove my phone from the bedroom. New rule. No phones allowed. At present I have an alarm clock that is an iPod dock as well as a DAB radio and my phone sits there and is charged while I sleep. So I thought I might move my clock downstairs which means I need a new alarm clock for the bedroom. I have to know what time it is at all times through the night, it helps me when I complain about my lack of sleep the next day! All I need is something that you can see in the dark and that has an alarm on it for the extremely rare occasion I need to set one. I had a look at the alarm clocks at John Lewis and there are a few options. The retro one I liked doesn’t light up at night and I cannot abide ticking in any shape or form at night so I think it would have to be digital. I had no idea that clocks could do so much these days (tell you the weather!) but we only need to tell the time so sadly as appealing as the Scientific Rainbow Clock sounds I think I will have to go with the Colour Change Alarm Clock. It looks simple and easy to use, and I love anything that changes colour.

Then I can move my all singing all dancing one to the kitchen where I can listen to my iPod and audiobooks while I cook and clean and leave my phone nestled there each evening, like putting it to bed before I go myself.

New bedroom rule: No Phones Allowed.

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  • Reply Kelly @ Texas Type A Mom March 21, 2013 at 3:53 am

    I need to work on boundaries with my phone too. I’m convinced the information age is both a blessing and a curse. There’s always a down side to all of that connection and information being so readily accessible and available.

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