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Review: Miffy at School iPad App

May 15, 2013

Miffy at School in ipad frameInitial thoughts: I love Miffy, I did when I was a child and I do now. So when we were offered something to review for Miffy’s 58th birthday in June (she doesn’t look a day over 5 does she? Amazing) we were happy to have a go with one of the iPad apps available. Kate has just started using the iPad for games and Piran had a go too.

They liked: The story, and the activities that you have to do as you go through the story. There are three separate games as well which they enjoyed. Kate: “Rabbits. Drawing. Mine.” Piran: “I like you on it Mummy and the squiggly writing game”. It totally blew Kate’s mind that it was my voice coming out of the iPad when I was stood right next to her not talking!

I liked: Miffy’s instantly recognisable colours and style looks as good as ever on the iPad. There is a lady that talks them through all the pages and gives encouragement as they complete the games and tasks which is nice. The ability to record three different people reading the story is a lovely touch.

They didn’t like: Sharing! Also as soon as you open the app yoou have to click on the Union Jack so you get the English Language version. On a number of occasions they have selected the other flag and the app is then in Dutch (I think) which confused them a lot! If you could set this once and it be the same all the time it would be better.

I didn’t like: It costs £2.99 which is quite a lot I feel for an app for my kids but I do love the voice recording feature and I will get Grandparents that live far away to record their own versions which will make it more special for my children. It is annoying that if you are listening back to a recorded version you don’t get the games and animations that are part of the story. The encouraging voice can get a bit annoying after a while.

Overall: This is a nice iPad app that suits Kate (2) quite well. It is a little young for Piran (nearly 4) – he can do everything in the app and I think will get bored quite quickly. It is nice that both of them are happy to play it at this time. Until they start to argue that is!

Further information: Miffy at school iPad app costs £2.99. Miffy is very tech savvy for a 58 year old and has a Facebook Page and Twitter account. I have seen a number of competitions on the Twitter account which is nice.

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  • Reply PhotoPuddle May 15, 2013 at 10:58 pm

    Am after some good iPad apps for my daughter who is stuck at home with chicken pox at the moment. She loves Miffy and has this book in fact so will go check out this and other Miffy apps.

    • Reply Kelly May 20, 2013 at 5:20 pm

      I think there is one called Miffy’s Garden which looks good. I thought Piran might like that as he loves “Garderwing” with his Dad.

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