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Crash Bang Wallop

July 13, 2013

This post has been written by me about a subject I wanted to write about and happily I have been compensated for my time for writing it. This money can go towards paying the insurance excess! More information on this can be found on my Disclosure for Readers page.

Last week I was happily pottering round the kitchen, making our dinner, stirring the sauce and checking the spaghetti. I sneaked off to the fridge and was just bending in to grab a sneaky giant chocolate button when there was a great noise and down crashed the kitchen wall unit where I was just standing. Crashing off the worktop onto the floor, smashing a plug, the bread maker, bouncing off the kettle, destroying the dinner and breaking all over our rather small kitchen floor. Total carnage – food and condiments and mugs all smashed up together. It took hours to clear it up.

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So, I have spent the week making phone calls and showing insurance assessors the damage. We are waiting to hear from them. I can’t help thinking about what could have happened if the kids were in there. I am sure I could have moved out of the way – it seemed to happen in slow motion. But they could have been squashed. It doesn’t bear thinking about but it is hard not to.

So we have a chipped work surface and holes in the lino. The kettle worked for a bit but gave up the ghost and all of its water poured out of the bottom a day later. Thankfully we had forgotten to put the camping kettle back in the loft so at least we had tea. When clearing up I found one of the hanging brackets from the wall in the spaghetti, and most of my favourite mugs met their maker.

Now we are waiting to hear back from the insurance people. Mr C is suddenly dreaming of new kitchens – and new layouts. I am feeling a bit more practical than that but if we have to take the worktop off to replace it then I would love to take the opportunity to replace the double cupboard under the sink with a single one and then we could add a dishwasher. I think we will only have space for a slimline one, but anything we could get would be brilliant. I don’t know if you are allowed to do that though. It has re sparked the conversations about the size of the kitchen and how we could extend it, and how we could make better use of the space we have downstairs. I know one thing. I would much rather have shelves than a wall unit again though – I am a bit nervous of them now!

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