2.45 – 3.45

June 21, 2006

2.49    Do you think anyone would notice if I just got up and went home?

2.50    Just tried to get into my yahoo email address from work and the page is blocked. Have heart palpitations and feel completely cut off from the world. How will I get my comments (if I have any).

2.51    Read email from Soulmining. His day is more interesting than mine but he is still to scared to post anything. Realise that if I want to read my comments I could just go into my blog. World tilts back on axis and I start to feel better again.

2.52    World tilting on axis reminds me of email that I got yesterday. I think it is really interesting so I will post it here so you don’t kill yourself with boredom.

Scientists in the US are disputing claims that the huge particle accelerator they are building could destroy the Earth, the Universe and life as we know it.

According to a report in this week’s London Sunday Times, the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) being built by Brookhaven National Laboratories in the US is under investigation by physicists after concerns were raised that an accident with the system could create a black hole and annihilate the Earth within seconds.

The debate appears to have started in the letters pages of this month’s issue of Scientific American where the possibility of disaster was raised.

The theory was that if a proton and an antiproton collided with enough energy, a mini black hole would be created. If this happened on Earth, all matter would be drawn by gravity toward the centre of the planet and be engulfed within minutes. However, one of the correspondents who raised the concern himself questioned whether Brookhaven will have sufficient energies to produce such a miniature black hole.

The system works by colliding two beams of gold ions (atoms without electrons) travelling at almost the speed of light which generates minute fireballs of super-dense matter some 10,000 times hotter then the sun.  These conditions resemble those seen during the creation of the Universe and will allow scientists to investigate such phenomena as a rare state of matter called the quark-gluon plasma.

A successful test firing of the RHIC system has already taken place. The first collisions are planned to take place during Spring with the system building up to full power by 2008! 

2.56    Read comments from Soulmining and Lèonie. I am glad someone is out there reading this. Wonder why the type is smaller on one post. Realise I don’t care.

3.01    Start stomping round office moaning that people are taking too long to eat yoghurt raisins in sweet machine. I want jelly beans or chocolate raisins but I can’t until they eat them.

3.05    Realise that I am just procrastinating because I don’t want to do what I have to do next. Bum. Have a guilt trip, stick headphones in and try to face up to what I have to do.

3.07    The Jackal looks perplexed. I eat my lunch.

3.18    I did some work. Wow. The Jackal is making tea.

3.27    Tea arrives

3.41    Realise 40 mins late that the football is on. Check latest score. It is a bit tense here as The Jackal’s team Angola is playing Shining Wit’s Iran and the battle lines are drawn. Unfortunately they sit either side of me so I am in the middle. Might be an interesting afternoon.

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