5 mins

July 18, 2005

There is 5 minutes left until it is finally 5.30 and I can get out of here. It has been a pretty rubbish day all in all. The worst bit was losing a bit of one of my teeth followed by part of the filling. Don’t have a dentist so I will have to go and sort that out this week as well as finish unpacking (there are 13 boxes and 3 days so I am going to do 4 a night). There is a massive list of all these things that I need to do but tonight I am going to go home, eat and watch tv (after attacking tonights 4 boxes).

Since I wrote that post about my dreams I have still been sleeping really badly but not remebering what it was all about in the morning which is just mega frustrating. According to Jon I sat up about 10 times in the night on Friday said one random sentence and feel back to sleep. Perhaps I am losing it completely.

2 mins to go. I felt awful when I woke up on Saturday because although Jon had been sharing my bed all night I had been dreaming about other guys and getting chatted up and flirting with them.

I am such a shit girlfriend but more about that later when I am home.

Finally I can get out of here!

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