The start of Christmas

December 22, 2014

No blog post yesterday. I find it hard to sit down and write when I am sharing a space with the kids so it didn’t get done during the day. Then I went to a Carol Service followed by out in the evening for drinks for my SIL’s birthday so I didn’t get a chance.


Carols by Candlelight were beautiful and seemed the perfect thing to do on the Winter Solstice. I just love carols – especially when I get the chance to sing. I sang my heart out yesterday and came away feeling that little bit more Christmassy with a light heart.

It was very nice this morning walking up and realising that I didn’t have to get going on the school run. Just bliss. I am tired today though as after a late night Kate had me up a few times (at one point I woke up as she climbed onto my head – nope no idea why either) so I wa definitely glad of a slow start. Our Christmas food delivery came this morning (which no substitutions – a Christmas miracle) and then I sloped off to my studio to spend a couple hours making. It is my one chance for the whole of the holidays I think so I wanted to make the most of it. I really wanted to start making a Sailor Top for me – I treated myself to the pattern last week and I think I have fabric that I can use but I didn’t have any paper for tracing the pattern and I didn’t want to cut up the pattern in case the sizing turned out not to be right so that will have to wait until after Christmas sadly.

Instead I decided to make a start on organising my fabric a little better. I have a lot of the stuff and once I have used some it is hard to know how to sort and organise it. I have decided to make a hexagon quilt using fabrics that I have used in other projects – so it becomes a record of all the fabrics that I have used. I also need to start using up all my scraps in other projects too and that is hard when you don’t know what you have got. I started just making any fabrics into rectangles again – folding and putting away the larger pieces. I cut 3.5″ strips for the hexagons and then sorted the rest into smaller strips, tiny pieces, triangles, small squares and larger pieces. I managed in 2.5 hours to go through all the fabrics that I have been using since I started in my studio in September. At least the ones that were lying around. I know that I have a plastic box full of other pieces to work through and then there are bags and bags of scraps sorted by colour – the product of around 5 years of sewing. It isn’t something that I could do continuously but I will do 30 minutes here and there to try and get them into a useable state.

I wish I had taken a photo but I didn’t. While I worked I listened to the Reith Lectures. I hadn’t heard of them before last year when I loved listening to Grayson Perry’s Playing to the Gallery – all about being an artist and the art world in General. This year is Dr Atul Gawande and his set of lectures about The Future of Medicine. I did wonder if it would be a bit too specialist for me but I couldn’t have been further from the truth. They are fascinating. He is a wonderful speaker and the topics that he is discussing are ones that affect all of us. He has moved me to tears and made me really think. Looking at the website you can still listen to previous years lectures so I have discovered a treasure trove of interesting subjects to explore.

I hope that everyone is managing to enjoy the start of the Christmas week. I am just so happy and very grateful to be surrounded by my family and to all be home together getting some quality time in each others company. That has been lacking at times this year with Mr C’s traveling so it is all the more appreciated.

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    I’m really looking forwards to the start of this week – looking forward to a little more relaxation soon.

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