Letters to my children

Siblings 2015

November 3, 2015

Well I started my blogging month with two very serious posts, thank you so much to everyone who has reached out, commented or emailed. It means so much.

Today was a good day and I managed to get my photos off my camera from the weekend. Mr C was finally a bit better and I wasn’t yet ill and so we managed a couple of trips out. I am determined to get us out every day at the weekend – regardless of the kids moaning. My kids just want to be at home after a week at school, it is hard to get them to go anywhere. So I am making sure that we have something planned, but nothing big. Simple things that get us out for an hour or two that is all.

On Saturday we went for a walk in Abbots Wood. It was a bit squishy muddy, a bit damp from the rain, but beautiful. Who doesn’t like the woods in Autumn? Once there the kids had a good time and there was minimal whinging.

Ever since I took this picture in November 2012 I have tried to get a picture of them together every Autumn. We love this picture and have it on a canvas in the front room.

I had to raid this blog for a copy and in doing so I found this post I wrote three years ago Siblings.

Oh what a wonderful thing to read. They are still best friends (most of the time) and are so happy to be a school together. They are still stomping through the leaves and laughing together. Oh but my dear heart, how did they get so grown up?

P & K Autumn 2015

I didn’t know what to write about tonight, but knew I wanted to share this photo. I am so glad that I did, reading that old post has made my day.

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