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October 1, 2012

It has occurred to me that a few weeks ago I was blathering on about switching my blog to self hosted and WordPress but I never really told you that I had finished. Well it is as finished as any blog ever will be, every time I have a moment I am tinkering away behind the scenes trying to make it look that little bit better. I am really pleased with it though, the header colour gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside and now that I am getting to grips with it posting is a breeze and that has made me all happy and enthusiastic about blogging again.

But, Wonderful Blog Friends, there are a couple of favours that I need to ask you. I cleverly redirected my blog feed and was ever so proud but I have realised that there are actually some downsides to that so I am going to have to ask that if you get my blog in your Google Reader (or other RSS reader of choice) can you please follow the instructions below to resubscribe.

If you would still like to subscribe to my blog please can you either click on this lovely little button here or over there on the right in the sidebar. Apparently there are more than 250 of you and well, I would love to take you with me. Alternatively, you can click on this address or paste it into your web browser http://www.aplaceofmyown.co.uk/feed


The second thing is that if you are one of the very lovely people that have a link on my blog on your blogroll could you make sure the url is now http://www.aplaceofmyown.co.uk/


Thank you so much. I have lots of things planned to revamp the blog, get Make it Monday started again and even some pie in the sky ideas about a regular competition so if you resubscribe you will never have to miss out.


Because a blog post without a picture doesn’t seem right here are a few Instagram pics of my trip to Basel on Friday.

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