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April 6, 2015

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I thought that it might be nice in March to have a month of walking. I knew that it would do me good to get outside every day. It was much more than that in the end. I walked my way into Spring. It cleared my head and made me feel great.

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The month started well with ‘Bike to school week’ or in our case scoot to school. The competiton element of it at school meant that Piran was adamant that we scooted or walked every day the first week. We live just under a mile from the school. In the past I have been relucant to walk as it is along a busy road and two small children on scooters was always a little too stressful really. It is definitely better these days. The week ended and I just carried on walking them to school most days. Shh don’t tell them.

A month of walking

The second week I started to walk the longer way home on the days that I drop them both off. Making Kate do both directions is a struggle. I borrowed a buggy around week 3 but I felt it made her lazier and so it went back to its owner and she got back on the scooter. I have to push her a fair bit but that just means I am getting more exercise. I love walking the long way home on Monday and Friday mornings – I get back between 9.30-10 and I feel great that I have already had some head space and exercise.

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I think that in past years Spring always seemed to just happen. This year I have really watched it. It is amazing. At the start of the month it was all bare branches against blue skies and then suddenly there was blossom. A tree that was bare a few days ago can be in bloom a couple days later. Daffodils popped up everywhere – so many different types. Everything has gone from brown to green. So many little shoots poking their heads up. The snowdrops are now gone and tulips are filling their places.

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I found new routes, I went a bit further when I had time. I found my way around the back lanes of my village. I got caught out by the weather – both too hot and wet and cold. I walked during the day, I watched the sun set and the moon rise and I walked at night.  I saw rainbows that ended in the sea. I was usually on my own. I always have my headphones. I listened to audiobooks and podcasts. I occasionally listened to music.

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I have done a lot of thinking. I have bought maps and considered routes. I bought a fitbit bracelet and I count my daily steps. I am aiming to reach 12,500 per day and I managed it almost every day. There was only one day in March that I didn’t walk somewhere and that was the final Saturday. I was feeling so very lazy.I went on adventures – set off without really knowing where I was headed and had the perfect walk. I saw my first bee and butterfly of the year. In the last week I have been amazed by how busy the birds are.

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Now I am at the end. I have walked a really long way (average 40 miles a week when you add up my steps). W on my Alphabet of Intentions was for Walk More. N was for Notice things. I think I have definitely done those two. And I am going to keep on walking.

On the 16th May I am going to take part in The Chestnut Tree’s Night to Remember – a 10 mile walk at midnight along Eastbourne seafront. Chestnut Tree House is the only children’s hospice in Sussex, and cares for life-limited children and young adults aged 0-19, and provides support for their families. I am doing it for a couple of reasons. My friend Kim has a disabled son and uses the hospice services. She asked me to join her as part of her team so there are 15 of us walking to raise money. The ‘Ringmer Rampage’ team 🙂

Secondly I am doing this as a challenge to myself. I need to be more active and so this gives me something to aim for. As the weeks have gone on I have been extending my distances – doing one ‘long’ walk a week and will continue to do so until I do the 10 miles in May. It isn’t much but for someone who rarely moves herself it is a real challenge. I want to be more active and fitter and what better way to do it than for a great charity.

If you could spare some money to sponsor me I would be really grateful. We are fundraising as a team so you can sponsor me via Kim’s Just Giving Page. If you would prefer to sponsor me in the old fashioned cash way just let me know.

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  • Reply Katie April 8, 2015 at 8:29 pm

    such a lovely post – glad the month of walking was beneficial in so many ways 🙂

  • Reply Tobia | craftaliciousme April 11, 2015 at 6:47 am

    wow you did get a lot of walking done!
    I started to walk more too but I am around 8000 steps currently and trying to increase. Your post is really motivational and your words about seasons change are lovely.
    Have a great weekend, Tobia

    • Reply Kelly April 22, 2015 at 9:49 am

      We all have to start somewhere! I am finding it very addictive but time consuming. I want to be walking but I don’t have the time!

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