Am I missing something?

March 21, 2011

I am feeling a bit better than I did last week but am now wandering round in a constant state of confusion. I have a vague memory before Piran was born of spending weeks preparing for his arrival. This time round it is like I am not sure what I need to do before Thumper arrives.

So far I have (with help from Mr C):

Put together the crib.
Arranged to buy Bec’s Phil and Teds buggy.
Bought, washed and put away small vests and baby grows (what other items of clothing will she need?).
Sorted and washed baby blankets, sheets and sleeping bags.

I know I need to:

Collect aforementioned buggy.
Pack hospital / labour bag.

Is there anything else?

If the answer is really obvious then please don’t judge me / send social services round.

P.S. Thumper doesn’t get a nursery until later in the year as it is currently our spare bedroom required for my sewing machine the influx of grandparents / visitors once she arrives.

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