And then the rain came down.

January 10, 2015

Now I know that my word for the year is Thrive and that all living things need water to thrive but I didn’t need this much this week.

On Thursday morning a school run in the pissing rain where my boots leaked and I got completely soaked through left me cold and very grumpy. I was just thawing out and trying to decide what to do with Kate on such a wet day when I looked in the back garden and saw a lot of water. A quick scout around and on opening the front door I found that almost half of the front garden was already under water. This happened here before in July 2007 and so I knew that this could get bad and quickly. Kate was dispatched to a very kind friend’s house and I ran around with the neighvours trying to get sandbags, call the Council, Environment Agency, the Fire Brigade. The rain was still coming down and the water just got higher and higher. Over the next few hours all I could do was just wait to see how bad it was going to get.


I just walked around. Took some photos. My inlaws came to help. Moved some bits off the floor in the conservatory. Muttered about Mr C being so far away from home. Held my breath and prayed that there would be no more rain. No more water.

Flood1Eventually the Environment Agency arrived with lots more sandbags but by then it was too late – the water has come into our conservatory on the back (we call it that. It is really a glorified green house stuck on the back of our house but we have a lot of things in there and use it daily). It was worse for the three houses to one side of us – water had got into the bottom of their houses.

Flood2The waiting was painful. So very painful. After tweeting and posting on IG I had lots of comments from friends. I felt really alone so it helped so much.

Flood3And then in the space of 40 minutes the water went down. The Environment Agency had gone out to the culvert that runs along the back of our house and checked the pipes. One was blocked and as soon as they cleared it with a big pole the water drained away just like someone had pulled the plug. By the time I went to collect Piran from school nearly all the water had gone.

A day of clearing up and we are mostly up straight. Some things had to be gotten rid of but nothing of any real value and we are clean and dry again. The shed needs checking as it had around a foot of water in it but the weather hasn’t been good enough for that today.

I have been left mentally and physically exhausted (sandbags are HEAVY). Tears have been shed, Mr C is now home and life goes on. It could have been so much worse.

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