Another Crazy Night

July 15, 2005

Oh my god what is wrong with me? Another crazy nights sleep and I woke up late with a cracking headache. Been at work for a hour and all of a sudden I just felt totally miserable and like bursting into tears. Think I might need a trip to the canteen to find myself some comfort food. Just told Matt and he says I should just go and have a big cry but there is no way I would do that here. I hope that I cheer up by this evening, Jon will be here and I will be a misery guts on the only evening that we get to spend together this week.

The post that I just did about Dave has cheered me up a bit though. Wish I could show it to Jon (he would love it) but I don’t really want him to read all the other stuff. The only person I Have told about this blog is Matt and he knows all this stuff anyway. Other than that I only want random people to see it.

Dreams were mental again last night but I don’t remember as much as I did yesterday. Russell was in a foreign prison and was being locked up for two and a half years. There was a bit where I had a gun but couldn’t bring myself to shoot whoever it was I was meant to shoot. Also we had to dump a van. Obviously there was some kind of crime happening but there was also Monica and Chandler’s (from Friends) wedding. Think we were going to dump the van on the way.

At some point I also invented some special bag to keep things safe in when you sleep (that bit is uber vague).

Dave the penguin (my nightly bedtime companion) got it in the neck though. I woke up at some point in the night and I almost had him in a headlock and I was squeezing him so tight. Poor old Dave.

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