Another long and dull afternoon

July 20, 2005

I am staring out of the window waiting for the phone to ring or for something to happen. It is too hot in here because we have had to shut most of the windows as it is really quite windy out there and everything keeps flying round the office. The sun is going in and out and there are fluffy clouds everywhere moving quite fast, merging and splitting. It is quite fun to watch, but there is a bit to much cloud to play the “that cloud looks like a ……” game. Not that I mind because that should be reserved for when Jon and I are sat somewhere outside enjoying each others company with him making silly suggestions and mine being spot on every time.

We have this thing “Kelly’s ideas are always good”. The week that we got together we were spending all our time together and he just kept realising out good my ideas were! He even wrote it on a piece of paper and took a picture of it. I might add that later. It is a silly thing but one of those things that has stuck and we keep repeating and that makes me realise that this is more than just friends. I’m not saying this to be big headed – my ideas are better than his because I am a woman who thinks logically and he is the most scatty man that I have ever met. It can be sooooo frustrating at times but I am learning to let go a little and relax. Not everything has to be completely in my control (yes it does….no it doesn’t).

The thing is I can be mega dippy but just in a different way. I am more silly with it I think. I get that from my gorgeous mother who is amazing and magnificent and who I miss very, very much as she lives 300 miles away in Cornwall. She can be very silly sometimes. She seems to live in this lovely world where everything is nice and simple and fun. I was talking to her on the phone on Friday and the conversation went kinda like this:

Mum: I bought your brother and Vicky a joint early birthday present

Me: That’s nice. What?

Mum: A table and chairs set for their back yard.

Me: That sounds lovely.

Mum (lowering her voice to a whisper): Well I thought that it was a good plan to get your brother outside as he doesn’t get enough fresh air. It’s working I have seen him sitting outside this week.

Me: That’s great mum

Mum (whispering so quiet now I can barely hear her): He doesn’t get enough fresh air and that’s not healthy.

Me: Why are you whispering? Is Derek (my stepdad) around? (he sometimes takes the piss about how protective she is of baby bro – we all do)

Mum: No the secret service may hear me. So any news at your end?

And that my friends is how bizarre my mother can be. I love her to death but sometimes she makes my brain boggle!!! And I definitely take after her (not started whispering about the secret service yet but I am fairly sure that I am not that far off.

Well someone has finally passed me some work. Back for more later I expect.

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