Appliances Online, the fairy godmother of the blogging world?

January 14, 2011

Just after Christmas I got a lovely email from Appliances Online offering to buy me a little treat. I had left a comment for Jen from The Madhouse on a post where she was talking about Karma and how after deciding to pass on some of her boys old toys to people (including Playmobil 123 to Piran which he is OBSESSED with) and how a few days later she was contacted by Appliances Online. They bought her a new fridge and I had left a comment on her post saying that it couldn’t have happened to a nicer person. They had then seen from my post about Thoughtful Gifts that I was dreaming of being a big kid and having my very own Maileg Mouse it it’s little matchbox.

So that is exactly what they sent me. Here he is. A little baby mouse. I love it more than is decent for a grown woman in her 30’s. I have decided to call him Alfred. I am already thinking of making him a little quilt for his bed, that blanket just doesn’t seem warm enough.

Why not leave a comment on this post and see what happens. What little (or big) gift would put a smile on your face?

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