Bedtime stories

February 10, 2012

Disclosure: This is a Sponsored post. I have been paid to include some links but the content is my own and I really would love some suggestions for stories.

Before I had children there were things that I associated with being a parent that I imagined in an idyllic, rose-tinted sort of way. Family meals around the table, days out at the seaside and reading bedtime stories were all on that list. Now I am a parent the reality of food being thrown around, tantrums, arguments over walking or not walking and overtired children has totally bought me back to reality, but I still try to hang on to the reading bedtime stories to my children.

However, as I mentioned recently Piran is not the sit down and listen type when it comes to bedtime stories. Our current favourite is Shoe Baby and he loves to join in and we do actions and jump and shout “WHO TOOK MY SHOE?”

It isn’t really something I considered when we were looking for childrens bedroom furniture but his bed needs to take a lot of jumping on and off and pretending to be giants. The one we have is just a toddler sized one that I picked up second hand but Piran is tall and with all of the animals that he insists on taking to bed each night it gets pretty crowded indeed. Soon we will need to look for a single size, but the room is tiny and if we want to fit anything else in the room we will need to be clever with the space. Thinking about childrens beds I guess something like the Noah Cabin Bedstead from Feather and Black looks fantastic but I would worry about him being up high.

For now though I am just enjoying squeezing onto his small bed and having fun at story time. Getting him excited at bedtime seems counter intuitive but it is just so much fun. We would absolutely love some recommendations of good books for two and a half year olds that get you involved like this. He loves anything that is repeated throughout the book, and stories with rhythm and rhyme are always a winner.

Please leave a comment with any books that you can recommend for us.

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