The best things in 2010 are free

January 24, 2010

Hmm, I might have got a little confused with my title. I need to catch up with all of the memes that I have been tagged in. The Wedding Dress meme will have to wait for a while, because it links into another post that I have planned. The You’re Welcome one is brewing in my head but I need to go and discover some new blogs first. However there are two that I have been writing in my head for the past couple of weeks and it is time to get them down before I am no longer fashionably late, just inexcusably so.

Firstly the wonderful Clare Lancaster tagged me in the #themeword meme on Twitter. To participate, all you have to do is just think about one word that you would like to describe your new year.  Allegedly your #themeword can unfold in unexpected ways!  So here goes …

So, getting it in before the end of January and 2010 is definitely in full swing my #themeword for 2010 is DISCOVERY

2010 is a brand new year with brand new experiences to discover. It is a fresh start for us, starting this new year as we have started no other, as a real family. It is the year that we will discover how it feels to be three people not two. We will discover what family means to us and how our lives change because of the extra person. We will discover what it is like to grow as a family, to deal with the hard times and the good times. To discover what type of parents we will be. To discover how being a parent changes us and our relationship.

Piran has a million things to discover. Everyday is an adventure at his age with new and wonderful things to experience. Right now, he is learning what food is and what to do with it. He will spend time discovering the house when he becomes mobile. He will discover what it is like to have a mum that sheds a tear every time he has a ‘first’. Being his age is all about the discovery, likes and dislikes, the way the world works, new people, new places, new foods, new experiences.

It is the year for me to discover who I am now. To find out if returning to work is the right path for me. To discover what my new goals and plans and dreams are. To discover my place in my new world, as a mum, as a wife, as a person in my own right.

Now, I think I am a bit late with this one so I won’t tag anyone but if you want to be tagged then leave me a comment and I will add a link to you.


Make Do Mum tagged me in the ‘Ten best things in my life that are free’ meme.

I had trouble with this one, mainly because my overactive brain kept thinking “well I enjoy listening to music but you have to buy a CD or radio so does that count as free”. Anyway, I have stopped over thinking it and give you my ‘Top ten things that are relatively cheap and make me happy’ list.

1. Laughter – a small chuckle, Piran’s awesome giggle, laughing so hard I cannot breathe and get dangerously close to weeing myself. I will take it any way it comes.

2. A good walk – in any season at any time of day. Particularly if it is on a beach or near the sea.

3. The perfect song for that moment – like a perfect iPod moment, or a long forgotten favourite on the radio and dancing round the kitchen. Like the moment that we were watching a film and a song came on and we turned to each other and knew that it was our wedding song. Like your favourite song on a sad day. Like sad songs when your heart is broken and you just want to cry.

4. Thoughtful presents – The presents that blow you away because the thought and love that have gone into them is so evident. I have been meaning to share pictures of these since Christmas. Both of these gifts were perfect.

A painting of Piran aged just 5 weeks, by my Dad.
A Willow Tree family, to go with my pregnant lady in the background, from my Mum.
5. A good book – I will read anywhere and anything. That feeling of being so engrossed in a story that you forget real life is amazing. I love to read, I hope this year things will settle down and I will have more time to discover more stories.
6. Silence – I got fed up with the snow like anyone, but I loved how the world felt quiet and still. I love naptime (Piran’s, not mine) when I get to sit in the quiet and relax and slow my thoughts before I am grabbed by the urge to do something else.
7. Achievement – I love the feeling of doing something and doing it well. Of accomplishment and pride in myself. I think this is why I keep wanting to do something new or learn something different. Now I will be proud of Piran’s achievements too which I already realise is even better.
8. Mr C – he is my other half in all sense of the word. I am a better person because of him. These past 4 years have been amazing. I am so very lucky.
9. Cooking – I love to have the time to cook. I love to bake. I like to feed people. One of the best things about being on maternity leave is being able to cook things during the week that take longer than 30 minutes if I want to.
10. Baby’s firsts – today Piran sat at the dinner table and had his first Sunday Roast with us and his Grandparents. This evening we have discovered a teeny bit of his first tooth poking through his gum. All of these things are fabulous.
So, what are yours?
Disclaimer: if you are too busy / have done it before / are sick to the back teeth of memes / wish I would just go away, feel free to just ignore.


  • Reply Bec January 24, 2010 at 11:12 pm

    I have just tagged you inn this same post!
    We are funny!

  • Reply cocoro January 25, 2010 at 9:44 am

    Hi, just found your blog thru Baby Led Weaning. I really like your top ten list – makes me think about what mine is…

    I have started a blog too but I am Japanese and writing in English is challenge for me.

    Please visit and tell me what you think:

    cocoro x

  • Reply make do mum January 25, 2010 at 11:56 am

    No.6 is high on my priority list after my neighbour from hell's all night party!

    Hurray for Piran's first tooth!! There are going to be so many more exciting things to come for him this year!

  • Reply Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy January 26, 2010 at 10:51 am

    Love the word discovery, and the picture and carving that your Mum and Dad have done are AMAZING! Very very special. x

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