Big Day Out

July 29, 2005

For my birthday and Sez’s on Wednesday Mum bought us tickets go to go the Minack Theatre. We saw Terry Pratchett’s Wyrd Sisters. We had a lovely day out and the weather stayed good for almost all of it (it is an outdoor theatre) but I think that I agree with the review in the local paper, The Cornishman, that it would have been better left on the page. I have read almost all of Terry Pratchett’s books ( I am a HUGE fan) all of the discworld ones and love this one in particular. But if I am honest I think that it is the subtleties of his humour that I love, the way that you read a sentence and you brain goes eh? and you go back and read it again and it is so funny! That didn’t come across on the stage.

The man can write. I mean really. And damn does he make me laugh.

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