Birth story: Part Two The Birth

September 29, 2009

The first part of my birth story was here. I did say that I was going to write about it in three parts but I am not yet sure I want to write about the third part, when Piran had to stay in hospital for five days after he was born. I think perhaps I should leave it and not go back and relive it because we have moved on and I have a healthy, happy baby now.

Here is the birth part though, because I want to remember this. In two parts. One the birth plan that I didn’t want to write but my midwife said I really should. The bloody thing did not even leave my bag, and as you can see from my added notes, was in no way anything like what happened! The second part is what actually happened.

Birth Plan for Kelly

I plan to have my baby at the Princess Royal Hospital in Haywards Heath. However if I can I would like to stay at home for the early stages of labour in a comfortable relaxed environment. Ha ha ha! My labour started on my fourth day in hospital. Home was a distant memory. Also, there were no early stages of labour, just full blown labour. Nice.

Once in hospital I would like to stay as active as I can. Hmm, so if we count when I was actually in labour I had the baby heartbeat monitor and a drip to induce the contractions so all I could do was stand next to the bed. I would like to be in a room with as little light as possible, quiet with as few interruptions as possible. At the beginning a lot of the time it was just Paul and I with the midwife popping in to check us occasionally. It was the middle of the day so the room was quite light! I want my husband, Mr C, with me to help me as I need it and deal with questions on my behalf. This I had, and without him I would have been lost. If possible I would like to stay upright I did manage this until the epidural was put in then I was on the bed the whole time and I would like to use the birthing pool if available. Yeah, with the amount of wires coming out of me, not possible! I understand the need to monitor the baby but would like as little medical intervention as possible. Well, the best laid plans of mice and men…..

Pain relief: I have a TENS machine to use in early labour. Didn’t even make it out of the bag. I do not want pethidine. I managed to stick to this one! I will try gas and air if I feel I need it. Oh yes, I needed it! I would like to use water to help with the pain. The only water involved was the stuff that I sipped out of a cup through a straw between contractions. I would like to avoid an epidural if I can, however as this is my first baby if I cannot cope with the pain I will consider a low dose. Oh I couldn’t cope and I did have this. So glad I did in the end….the size of the baby and the length of time it took for me to give birth to him….it would have been too much.

I would like to avoid a c-section, but will listen to the advice of the medical professionals if they feel that it is necessary. I did this, despite the fact that the medical professionals told me that my cervix was ‘up in the gods’ and I would probably need one.

Once the baby is born my husband Mr C would like to cut the cord. I would like immediate skin-to-skin contact if possible and want to breastfeed. I had the skin to skin and I did breastfeed the baby within the first couple of hours. I don’t think Paul cut the cord, but everything is a little hazy.

I would like an injection to help me deliver the placenta. The bloody HUGE placenta if the doctor is to be believed, which after some problems was delivered. They asked Mr C if we wanted it. No thank you.

We would like the baby to have the Vitamin K injection. Which it eventually did. It seems however that this one detail had stuck in Mr C’s mind so he asked when the baby would be having the injection the minute he was born. For some reason the midwives found this amusing. Poor Mr C.

What really happened!

They came and collected me from the ward at 9.30, and we packed up all of my things and were taken round to the delivery suite. We were shown to a room and they monitored the baby as usual to check he was okay. Then at 10 they broke my waters. It was such a strange experience, not helped by a slight overdose of the gas and air ;o)

We were then sent off to walk sideways up and down the stairs to try and start contractions. We walked around the hospital for the next two hours, stopping once for a sandwich for lunch. At 12 we went back to our room but because contractions had not really started they put me on a drip to start them. Because of this the baby also had to be monitored so I had the monitoring strap on. So all I could do was lean on the bed, not move around the room.

I won’t go into too much detail, but by 1 o’clock I was having three contractions every 10 minutes. I started using the gas and air somewhere around 1.30 and then I remember looking at the clock and it said 1.40pm. I then looked at the clock again what I thought was a hour later and it was 1.50pm. Only 10 minutes had gone past! At this point I spoke to Paul and because I was convinced that I had hours to go I decided to have an epidural. We asked me the midwife when she came back and she asked for the anestetist to come and while we waited she examined me. It was just after 2pm and I was only 2-3cm dilated so I was glad that I had asked for the pain relief.

The next hour was taken up by getting the epidural put in, which is not very easy as you have to stay completely still even though you are having contractions. By 3pm it was in, and despite a wobbly moment Mr C had not passed out! I was then examined again and I was 8cm dilated!

By 4pm I was ready to push and really soon Mr C was telling me that they could see the baby’s head. Unfortunately I really struggled to just get that last bit done and after an hour of pushing they got the doctor in to help. The baby was getting tired and his heart was slowing so they delivered him by ventouse, at 5.19pm.

I was so tired I do not remember much about the end, I know that there were a lot of people in the room because they were worried about the baby and that all of them exclaimed that he was a big baby! (10lb 2oz as it turned out)

Finally, we had our baby.


  • Reply Mrs OMG Pregnant September 29, 2009 at 12:43 pm

    I thought twice about reading this… you know why, but I did 🙂 Thanks for not making it sound too horrific!

    I think you're right, maybe dont go back when you've moved on & Piran is clearly healthy and happy. But if you feel you do have some unfinished business then do.

    I am with you with the birth plan, mine is pretty much the same as yours. I didnt want to write anything either just go with the flow, but the midwife said we should… sigh.

  • Reply More than Just a Mother September 29, 2009 at 1:55 pm

    Brilliant idea to compare the birth plan with the actual event – somehow they never quite go to plan! Congratulations on your positive attitude now though, to your healthy happy baby. Sorry to hear you had those days in hospital after the birth – it's a difficult thing to get over, I know.

  • Reply miss leslieanne September 29, 2009 at 11:10 pm

    My birth plan was almost identical to yours- but again, reality was nothing like it!
    I made it 10 hours before screaming for an epidural, and the stupid thing didn't even work 😛
    You're right though, how they expect you to stay perfectly still while you're having contractions every other minute, I don't know.

    Well done for writing it all down though – I found it was sort of like therapy – and I bet it's already starting to fel like a distant memory? But you did it, and look at the gorgeous little boy you got at the end of it all 🙂

  • Reply Victoria September 30, 2009 at 4:46 pm

    It's good to have the opportunity to get it out of your system afterwards. I don't think births ever really go to plan, but yours sounds like hard work – four days in hospital BEFORE the birth is enough to finish anyone off! As with all things, the bad bits fade as your children grow and you have more happy memories to think about. As you said, you are lucky to have a happy healthy baby, and that is what you should focus on for now. x

    PS I'm not a huge fan of blogger, as it's difficult to comment if you're not a blogger user

  • Reply Sandy Calico October 1, 2009 at 10:09 pm

    I hope you feel better for writing it down, I'm still debating whether to do mine or not. I'm so glad you have your beautiful healthy boy. Birth plan? Ours didn't leave the bag either. Didn't write one for the second baby! x

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