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August 2, 2005

Shitting hell. I am half pissed, managed to leave my mobile phone in the pub and got it back again, had a great heart to heart with Girlie number 2, had a cup of tea and a slice of good old Cornish heavy cake for dinner (mmm nutritous!) and now I am stupid enough to take out the computer and blog. Reckon that I must be mental.

Anything could come out here, but now that I have said that I guess this will be a completely mediocre post. But fuck it what the hell do I care. This is where it is all meant to spill out. So that is what I am doing. Letting it all go.

Did something silly 30 minutes ago. Sent a text message to an ex. Not just any ex, not even a real ex. Just the guy that I was totally obsessed with for the two years that I was at college with him. And then some after. Bollocks. He hasn’t replied. Do I reckon he will? Probably not. But dammit I really want him to. Not because I want anything. Just because I know that he lives 300 miles away that we will never hook up and that makes it great. I can flirt and be suggestive and nothing will come of it.

Fuck this break up shit I am getting all teared up over Jamie and Jools Oliver. I mean COME ON! Get a life Ms Marie-Smith.

There is a million things that I want right now and I have none of them except the lovely ibook and the freedom to blog. I want to be on another continent sending exciting blogs so all my friends can read and be jealous. At the moment I will just have to be content with the fact that I have the freedom to blog and no one reads it so I can write whatever the fuck I like. Woo hoo!

Jamie has gone and SATC is on. Thank Fuck for that.

Can anyone tell I have had a beer or three?

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