May 21, 2014

It has taken me so long to process everything a write this post. Which is very silly as I have probably now forgotten much of what I wanted to say. The good stuff has definitely stuck with me, although I think this post will be a bit jumbled. I will add in some of my Instagram pictures of the day to keep it interesting!

 Blogtacular was amazing.


Even arriving was exciting.

There I said it. I just had the best time. I have been to a few blogging conferences and events in my time and this was hands down the best by far. Which is exactly what Kat told me it would be. Shhh don’t tell her I said she was right.

I came away having learned a lot. But not just that I came away all fired up and inspired to make this space of mine something I can really be proud of. So, so much to think about, like I mentioned in my post yesterday. I am starting to think about what this blog says about me, what I want it to say about me. What I want people to associate with it. Why people should read it. I am not going to make any snap decisions though. I also realised that I have as much time as I need to decide these things. It will all be tied in with Kate going to school next year and what that means for me I am sure.

I did take away some really good messages though. Lots of people have made lovely graphics with quotes on. From me you just get a list. I do recommend you check out the Blogtacular blog posts pin board on Pinterest though.

  • Do something that scares you. Be Brave. Take Risks. – Joy Cho
  • Creativity is a habit. – Natalie Lue
  • Make blogging a habit.
  • Blogging is really just you behind a computer. The beauty of Blogtacular was having people to talk to and bounce ideas off. I need that in my life, so I need to go find it.
  • Collaboration – something I really want to do. Somehow. Some way.
  • You will have more ideas than time. This is okay. – Natalie Lue
  • Bloggers are awesome. If they don’t know how to do something, they’ll learn it. – Anne Ditmeyer
  • You are not a fraud. Embrace and internalise your accomplishments and achievements – Natalie Lue
  • Beware Imposter Syndrome – Natalie Lue
  • Keep your content fresh – Secrets of the Editors

The Secrets of the Editors panel with my good friend Heather.

This list is really just a snippet of the things I got from Blogtacular. Something to jog my memory down the line. I attended the #blogtacularphotowalk with Xanthe Berkley, the sytling session with Ellie Tennant and the Branding Session with Keith and Mark from Mini Moderns. I had made the conscious decision to go to the sessions that interested me, not necessarily the ones that I felt I ‘should’. This was the best plan ever. Even if I do say so myself.


One of my photos after the styling session.

It is hard to please a large group of people but I felt that Blogtacular managed just that. There was such an amazing atmosphere I wish I could have bottled it and bought it home. I realised somewhere along the way that what made it different for me wasn’t that we were a big group of parents who happened to be bloggers, but that we were a big group of bloggers, some of whom were parents. But everyone there was creative, friendly and interesting. Inspiring. From mixed up blogs like mine with multiple personalities to those who have their niche and do it well. It didn’t matter how many readers or page views you had. It just mattered that you loved blogging.

And if you have read the posts and you are kicking yourself you didn’t go – you can from the comfort of your own home – just buy a ticket for the Virtual Conference – tickets are available now and the videos will be available in June. I have bought mine just so I can see the sessions that I missed.

Kat and Kat wrapping up the conference under Natalie Lue's parting words.

Kat and Kat wrapping up the conference under Natalie Lue’s parting words.

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