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December 20, 2014

I am quite late with my post today but I have been busy this evening watching the Strictly Come Dancing final. And my favourite, Caroline Flack won so I am very pleased. And completely snotty and tear stained. I cry buckets at EVERYTHING.

I was considering staying my bed or at least in my pjs all day today to celebrate the start of the holidays but it got to 11 o’clock and the sunshine outside was just too enticing. And so I cajoled my family out of the door* with promises of an adventure and special chocolates.

My plan: this walk I had read about on Little Lewes. Except as this was our first time doing this walk we decided to leave one car in Kingston at The Juggs pub and then drove to Lewes, parked and walked back to the other car. Kate has little legs and really our kids are not seasoned walkers so I didn’t want to expect much first time out.


Fluffy. I think this might be called Old Man’s Beard. Anyone?

The sun shone but it was cold, particularly when we got up the top on the open Downs. In my advent calendar today I pulled out a note telling myself to get out and about with my camera. This I did but sadly it stayed firmly in the rucksack as Kate insisted I held her hand most of the way. I did manage some iPhone snaps though and she managed to convince her Dad to hold her other hand and get some cheeky swings in. Some of which involved kicking Piran’s bottom which kept her happy.


New game – kick Piran up the bottom.

I was never a massive walker but did like the opportunity to get out and about and found that when we had kids being restricted to places that only buggies can go can be really frustrating. Learning to walk as a family now the kids are a bit older is somewhat challenging. Mr C just wants to get on with it. We can only go as fast as the one with the smallest legs (Kate) and so these things can take a while. There were various meltdowns on the way (who goes in the lead, who is going too fast, who is going too slow) You also have to develop some serious distraction skills. Also a pocket full of chocolate snowmen are particularly good for the hills. I think we have to accept a slower pace and let the kids stop and look and do the things that they are interested in. Like jump in puddles or poke things with sticks. It isn’t always easy though.


The view out towards Newhaven.

The view from the top was amazing and there is just something about bright summer sunshine that I love. We made it to Kingston and eventually to the pub where we were rewarded with drinks and crisps. I am not saying it was the perfect day out and I think that we have a long way to go to get the kids to enjoy walking a bit more** but I really hope that we can do so next year. I have a friend who has two children of similar ages and I am going to pick her brains about good places to go. Any advice would be so gratefully received and if any local people have suggestions for good walks please do let me know.


*strapped a screaming Kate into the car without her coat and shoes. I was determined that we were going out.

** I am sure that my parents are laughing their asses off because I hated walking and would moan a lot and walk very slow. I was a weedy child and I just wanted to be somewhere with a good book. If they wanted me to get fresh air I would happily sit outside with a book.

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    I love Caroline and I’m so glad she won – she deserved it.

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