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October 29, 2012

Disclosure: This post is one that I wanted to write about how wearing a dress / skirt almost every day in October has made me feel. At the same time I was invited to take a look at Asos Marketplace so I have been virtual dress shopping and this post includes some links that I have been compensated to include. More information on this can be found on my Disclosure for Readers page. I am donating part of that compensation to FrOctober Dress Rockers raising awareness and funds for PNI.Org, who support mothers with PNI in the UK.

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It is dark before dinner, it is blinking well cold, and Halloween is just a couple days away. Oh yes it is definitely the end of October. And that means I have been trying to wear a dress or a skirt every day for almost a whole month.

I will come clean and say that towards then end as the weather got colder I have been flagging a little. That said, taking the time to dress nicely and feeling good about myself on the dressy days has made me take a bit more time and a bit more care when I am dressing in the morning, even if it is jeans that I am putting on. Wearing the dresses and skirts has made me feel much better about myself. I didn’t think that it could have that much of a effect, but wearing pretty things, and deciding on the next day’s outfit before bed the night before has been fun. It has had the knock on effect of making the mornings easier too as I already know what I am wearing. And it really does make me start my day in a good mood which is lovely.

I have struggled a little with what to wear with them. I love a good pair of leggings but I am still striving to find the perfect pair, that doesn’t fall down or go baggy at the knees. Please, if you have discovered this I will be eternally grateful if you let me know. I love wooly and coloured tights but tights are well, tights and again never seen to fit right, either too long in the leg or falling down all the time. Annoying. I saw some thick spotty ones in the shops this week though that I have my eye on.

I have decided that a few bright, colourful dresses are just what I need to get through the dull winter. And perhaps something unusual and a bit smart. And so to Asos Marketplace where I have found some that I have been lusting over. For a smart, girlie look I love thisnavy dress with lace and doll collar. Or for a shot of colour there is this Bright Summery dress, an absolute bargain at £13.99 and only worn once. Layered with a chunky knit and my long boots it would be great. This black floral dress is listed as Vintage – from the early 90’s and I used to have one just like it! I am not sure I would call the 90’s vintage, but I love this dress, and it would remind me of being a mere slip of a thing.

I do wish that I had more pictures of me this month, but as I said before the three year old isn’t too good and taking the snaps. He did get this one of me though, taking a picture of him!


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