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May 3, 2013

Two years ago I wrote a post with the same title. Looking at the pictures now Piran looks so small. I was two days past my due date with Kate and was enjoying our last few days (in fact hours) as a family of 3. I called it making the most of the quiet before the storm. Oh, how right I was.

This week it has been just me and the children and as the weather has turned nice we have been spending our evenings post dinner in the garden blowing bubbles and playing. Piran has learned how to do it himself which he LOVES and which means that I get to take some pictures at the same time.

I am all emotional today, thinking of that day two years ago, and feeling so lucky that we have two beautiful amazing children. Becoming a mum turned my life upside down and becoming a mum to my beautiful girl at times has been like being in a tornado but the sun is warm and the breeze is gentle and I am in a really very lovely place right now. And I appreciate it all so much more because of the past two years.







Life is good. And Mr C will be back tonight and birthday celebrations start tomorrow. I can’t wait.

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