Catching up

May 22, 2010

Another week has disappeared and there seems to have been very little in the way of blogging time. The reason is that I have been teaching myself to crochet and as usual with me I am obsessed with my new project, so much so that I dream about it! Crazy.

So, there were two things that I really wanted to blog about this week. The first was this:

Unless you have been under a rock, or perhaps away from a computer having a life (eh? what?) you must have heard about The MADS. After a wonderful month of nominations (if you nominated me, thank you – it gave me such a warm fuzzy feeling inside) the finalists have been announced. I had fun checking out the blogs I had not heard of and deciding who to vote for. If you haven’t I really suggest that you do so too!

The reason for this post is that in September there is a shiny awards ceremony for all of the finalists and the wonderful bloggers behind it all. Now, there are 5 ‘golden tickets’ to be won, and well, I want to win one! Lots of my favourite bloggers and friends will be there and I cannot think of anything I would rather do that watch their talent be recognised, have a drink and enjoy myself, safe in the knowledge that I will not be winning / losing so I can relax!

As you may see from the button in my sidebar, I have been lucky enough to be invited to be a ‘Huggies Mum’. On Tuesday you may have seen details of my trip to London to meet some of these wonderful bloggers (wow, they are real people. It is so great to meet the friends I have made online).

This is a new thing, and we are still working out what it means to be a Huggies mum. We are not paid, and we don’t have to write great things about Huggies. But, if we want to they will provide opportunities for us to meet each other, discuss being parents and parent bloggers. We will be invited to Huggies events and be kept up to date on products and events that Huggies are holding. I am so very excited that they offered to sponsor me, for CyberMummy as well.

If you have a moment check out the blogs of the other Huggies Mums:

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Catching up.

December 5, 2006
Things that made me happy on Sunday:
Getting loads of chores done.
Having a delicious dinner cooked for me.
Putting up my Christmas tree.
Things that made me happy on Monday:
Getting lost in a good book.
Snuggling up in bed and watching TV while the wind and rain howled outside.
Going back to work and laughing at all the funny stories from Friday night.

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    Good ones Kelly Marie! Keep it up.
    Is it helping?

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