Cold feet and empty brains

March 7, 2007

I cannot get into my email tonight. Stupid Yahoo. Perhaps it knows better than me? Perhaps there is something so hideous in there that I shouldn’t go into it and it is saving me a lifetime of pain?

Perhaps not.

I have a stupid headache which comes and goes and I have had it for the last 2 days and now it is offically annoying. Paul is round at the house playing with his new sander. I am sat on the sofa, with particually cold feet. Casualty is on in the background but I am not really watching it. I was watching Comic Relief does Fame Academy. It is very funny. There are a lot of bad singers but it is still very funny. I am sure that I had more to say on the subject but it has gone. I am so brain dead these days after work.

I just got into my email and I had a message from the bank telling me that I have just got £15 cash back on my credit card.

So it was good news :o)

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