Country Baskets Accessorise Yourself Challenge

July 10, 2014

I do love a challenge and when I was contacted asking if I would like to enter a competition by Country Baskets I just couldn’t resist.

They would send me a box of crafty goodness and I needed to make a wedding accessory. I must admit I was in full wedding fever at the time because I was just finishing all my crafts for my brother’s wedding so I thought it would be easy. Always read the small print though as I initially thought that it was to make a decoration or accessory (it wasn’t just accessory) and we had to use at least five items from the eight I was sent.

asscessorise yourself supplies

After some deliberation I decided that I would make a corsage. I used the artificial flowers (I started with a rose but in the end used what I think is meant to be hydrangea) and a leaf from the bouquet. I glued them together at the base with my hot glue gun and added in one of the cute butterflies made of beads on wire. I then used the organza to make a flower – I used this tutorial. I wanted a really fluffy flower so I used 9 circles of the organza. I took some beads off the garland that was included and sewed them into the middle of the flower to add some sparkle. I glued it on and added wire to make the stem longer. This I then wrapped in ribbon backed with double sided tape.

wedding corsage organza

I think it looks great and it will look like that the whole day long – no need to worry about fresh flowers drying out and wilting. I think my favourite bits are the organza flowers and the little butterly – it is so sweet. These could easily be adapted to suit the colour or theme of a wedding.

wedding corsage

All it needed was a safety pin to attach it to my dress. If I had one I would have used a magnet – my mum had these for the corsages I made with her and they stay on without having to pin something on your dress which was fabulous.


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