A couple days late

October 4, 2006

Well I guess you could shout at me for being mysterious and leaving you all hanging for a couple of days but it has been all go in Kelly Land© and I just have not had time to put fingers to keyboard! What with doctors appointments, chiropractors appointments, sick boyfriends, hectic work days and the like I have not had a spare moment (actually small fib – I did have a spare moment yesterday which I used to flop on the sofa and stare vacantly at the television!)

So the thing that had got me all riled up earlier in the week was a conversation that I had had with Mouldy. He is not very good at keeping a secret unless it is life threatening so the fact that he had a blog was pretty much common knowledge before you could say “Thoughts of Mould”. This in itself is no problem, over the past few months mine has become more and more known (see previous post where I was pissed and a blabbermouth!) and I understand that each person’s blog is their own and will only be as public as they want it to be.

The issue that Mouldy has is that some of his friends read his blog and instead of commenting on it they send him emails or talk to him about his face. My issue is with these comments. They have said that it is uninteresting and self obssessed. Egocentric and dull.

Someone should sit these people down and explain the meaning of a blog. It is a place to be free and write about what you want to. By definition a blog is self obsessed because it is writing about what you want to write about. Blogging is not about writing something to make other people happy.

If they think that what he has to write is dull and uninteresting then why the hell do they go back and read it time and time again? Personally I have thought about this and the only conclusion that I can come to is that they do it for things to poke fun at him for. Personally I like reading his blog – I think it is very true to himself. He is a different style of blogger that me. I am a pour it all on the page – he is more short and sweet quips – catching his personality and mood perfectly. I know him well and I think that it is very ‘him’.

And the most incomprehensible comment that he has told me that he has received was that what he wrote when his treasured and loved sister in law passed away was ‘poor’. This fills me with a rage that I can barely describe. How dare someone pass judgement on someone’s else’s grief and their expression of it. Seriously, I find it hard to put the words on the page about this, it is red mist time! Grrr!

The people in question will probably never read this unless Mouldy decides to point it out to them. If they do I have this to say. Read blogs if you will. If you have a comment about the content of the post then leave it in the comments section where it can be seen by all. Have convictions in your opinions. And if you cannot understand that negative comments on the style of someone’s writing when it is in essence a personal outlet for them is just plain rude.

Rant over.


  • Reply Mouldy October 4, 2006 at 5:11 pm

    I am touched.

    What I keep trying to insist to these critics is that people do it for different reasons but they mainly do it for fun. This is what needs to be stressed.

  • Reply Kuntry Konfession October 4, 2006 at 7:00 pm

    i like to think that your blog is a little piece of island….and it’s all yours! whatever treasure or junk you want to put on there….hey! it’s your island….
    some peeps aren’t brave enough to comment, i suppose, scared to write their stuff in case someone bashes their sight.
    the way i see it, comments are exchange of ideas/jokes etc….and yes, unfortunately, words are just a generalization of feelings and thoughts.
    hope mouldy keeps on banging his drum and singing his song regardless…..

  • Reply soulmining October 4, 2006 at 11:23 pm

    Well said…

    Don’t change what you want to say for others – your blog is your own space to say what you like.

  • Reply running42k October 5, 2006 at 11:49 am

    Amen sister. The blog is for you, the rest of us readers are voyageurs and should be happy that people have decided to share their lives and thoughts and feelings with us.

  • Reply Joie DeVivre October 10, 2006 at 8:31 am

    Hear Hear, that was soooo well said ! I’m so gonna quote u (read: steal your opinions;-) on my blog.

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