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September 25, 2006

You know when there is stuff going on in your head and your life and you just decide to ignore it in the hope that it will go away? But it doesn’t it just gets sits in the corner getting bigger and bigger until you realise that the only thing that you are doing by ignoring it is making it affect you more and making it worse and worse.

Well the health problems that I have been having recently have been getting me down a lot. For at least a week every month I am unable to walk very far at all and getting round can be painful. That added to the problems I have been having with my back have stopped me exercising all together.

Yesterday I weighed myself and I was shocked to see how heavy I have become. When I moved back to Brighton two years ago I was 2 and a half stone lighter than I am now. I knew that I was bigger because of my clothes. Now I do not think that I look bad but I have realised that in ignorning the fact I am just getting bigger and bigger. Everytime I get ready to go out I feel big and uncomfortable in my clothes. If I could afford a whole set of new clothes then I probably would just let it go. But this will only get worse if I let it. I see pictures of myself that make me feel awful. We were looking at my picture albums and I feel like I have changed so much and not for the better.

When I was younger I was too thin and I didn’t like it. But now I have hit a weight that is unhealthy for me.

I have been using my health problems as an excuse. As of this week this will change. Today I saw the dermatologist about my Hidradentitis and he is prescribing a 3 month course of antibiotics and I will go onto a particular acne drug which is also a contraceptive pill. This may help me with the scary monthly hormones too which is always a bonus!

Tomorrow I have a chiropractors appointment to get my back sorted out. As soon as I am no longer in pain I am going to exercise. There will be no more bad eating habits. Three meals a day and all I will snack on is fruit.

Dippy Mum is doing a sponsored slim. She told me last night what her weight is and what her target weight is. I am a stone and a half heavier than she is. That was a complete wake up call. She is trying to lose 5 pounds. I just want to lose some. Ideally 2 and a half stone (wow, that sounds like so much.)

So, I am going to start on Wednesday swimming because that is all I can manage with my back the way that it is. Then I am going to work out a new exercise plan. We have a gym at work. I have the opportunity I just need to get my act together. Things are going to change.


  • Reply Tim-tambolini September 26, 2006 at 1:04 am

    Don’t be too hard on yourself. Changes take time. Have you considered buying Dr. Phil’s book about weight loss. I don’t know if you get Dr. Phil there, but he’s awesome and so many people have lost weight and changed their life style just from following his directions. You could buy it online.

    You’re too young to not do something healthy for yourself. You don’t want to get into a rut that you can’t get out of. One thing at a time though, and perhaps you could quit smoking (I say while wincing). I know you want to have children one day and you should have a healthy environment in which they can grow, starting with your womb.

    As for the three meals a day…studies show that if you graze (snack) all day and only have small meals that it builds up a high metabolizm. Your body will be constantly digesting food and using the food that you consume to keep constant energy in your body. Going long periods without eating throughout the day makes your body store fat for a rainy day. I eat continuously throughout the day, and I don’t deprive myself of things that I want. That being said, if I had cake today and pie tomorrow I would not have either cake or pie for three or four days. Same as potato chips…if I have any I put them in a cereal bowl. When the bowl is empty then that’s it for me. Everything in moderation. You shouldn’t ever cut out the foods that you love, just eat smaller quantities of them, savour the taste to make it last.

    I’m not preaching here…but I live on a continent where a large majority of the population is overweight and I’m getting tired of hearing those people whine. There are so many helpful things to help people lose weight, but it seems that no one ever follows anything. I, on the other hand, don’t know what it’s like to be overweight, but I do come from a family with weight issues. Mom, Dad, brother & sister are all heavier than they should be and ALL eat everything they want when they want it. I couldn’t live without sugar and beer so I don’t illiminate those, but somethings got to give so only one Pepsi or less per day, two beers (average) per day, and potato chips once every couple months (average).

    Please don’t starve yourself, and do fun activities instead of strapping yourself to a treadmill.

    Sorry if I sound preacy…but you’re a nice woman and you should be happy.

  • Reply Léonie September 26, 2006 at 10:33 am

    My Mum is a nutritionist and a few years ago she helped me work out an eating plan that really worked for me, so I can email you if you like. It’s all to do with balancing your blood sugar so, as Tim-Tambolini said, your body never feels so far away from the next meal that it stores fat.

    Anyway, aside from all of that, I think you’re making a really positive decision. It must be really hard for you with your back problems, they’re so debilitating. Be brave, Kel, you can do whatever you want to do.

  • Reply running42k September 26, 2006 at 12:30 pm

    Tim is bang on. Keep it going and the daily improvements add up to something big over a while. It is a marathon not a sprint. Enjoy that swim.

  • Reply Joie DeVivre September 26, 2006 at 11:09 pm

    I think you’re bloody entertaining and I have only been reading a few months … uhoh, does that say somethign about me?

    Sorry to hear about ur back, but you sound really motivated to sort out the weight etc. Tim’s comment was really sweet eh, I agree everything in moderation.

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