April 29, 2012

… 03:36
… located: in bed
… eating: nothing, but my stomach is rumbling.
… drinking: I really want a cup of tea but that’s a bad idea.
… watching: the glow of my screen.
… listening: to Piran repeatedly calling my name because he wants to get up.
… loving: my family. Yesterday was a good day full of cuddles and new skills.
… enjoying: my snuggly duvet.
… wanting: for Piran to stop crying
… needing: sleep
… preparing: for how I’m going to feel when Kate turns 1 this week.
… thinking: of millions of party ideas and trying to calm myself down a little.

what are you up to right now?

(I read this post over at two become four and decided to join in with it. Sadly I don’t know how to link from my phone but it’s in my blog roll)

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