A day full of friends

November 26, 2011

Today I was lucky enough to have a free day, to leave life and children behind and go and meet some very special friends. Traveling to and from I had time to crochet and to read.

We didn’t do anything particular, just had a wander round Borough Market where we took pictures, and I took pictures of my friends taking pictures. Then we stopped for coffee and chatter, a bit of a walk, a wander to the Tate Modern, some lunch and somewhere else for tea and cake.

We basically fed and watered ourselves all day and just talked and talked and talked. The topics ranged from knitting and crochet, gadgets, holidays, children, food, discipline, relationships with families and parents, tales from our life, blogging, tweeting and so much more.

It is so nice to have made these friends. We live all spread out and getting together seems to only happen every few months but each time I come away refreshed and happy.

We met online but our friendships are definitely real. Heather and Emily are fantastic to talk to about toddler woes and sleepless nights. Victoria and Paula have older children and give an interesting perspective to all our parenting chats. They make me realise that this bit won’t last forever and that soon weaning and lack of sleep with be replaced by emerging friendships and school and siblings growing up together.

I think that it’s unlikely that I would have ever developed friendships like these in real life. My blog is the best and the worst of me, and I am always honest so there is no point pretending they already know what I am like!

Here are a few pictures from today. My favourite is everyone chatting.

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