Dear Father Christmas

December 2, 2012

This morning when we opened the note in our advent calendar it told us that today was the day that we needed to write to Father Christmas.

So after swimming lessons and an indoor pic-pic (picnic lunch) we settled down at the table to write our letters, while I managed to burn the Christmas Cake (best not to ask, I am having one of ‘those’ weekends).

I did the writing and Kate and Piran did a drawing each and signed their letters. Piran insisted that I wrote his to the ‘Father Christmas Deer’. He helped me write Kate’s as well, I wonder if she will get the plane that he thought she wanted or whether Father Christmas will know if that is what she really wants.

We bundled ourselves up in scarves and hats and gloves and then headed outside to burn our letters so that they would travel to Father Christmas. Mr C lit a fire in a bucket and we added our letters and an extra sprinkling of glitter to make sure he would know that this fire contained very important messages. I tried to get a picture of each of them holding their letters. Piran insisted his should be held this way up.

Kate would not stay still. At all. Not even for a nanosecond. She was however, very excited to be outside.

I think it was the first time they have seen a fire, they were enthralled.

And as they burnt away we all headed inside to the warm to drink hot drinks and watch a Christmas DVD.

It was the perfect remedy for my tired and overwhelmed mind, body and soul. This is what I look forward to this Christmas. The simple things with my wonderful family. A time to be together and to celebrate what we have.

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  • Reply Nat December 2, 2012 at 7:53 pm

    Future pyros…..

    Lovely pics Kel. I was going to ask what they wanted but reckon a chocolate covered super hero on a plane would work. 🙂

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