Letters to my children

Dear Thumper

April 26, 2011

Hello. I am your mum and I am the one that you have been living and growing inside for the past nine months. I’m the one that chats to you and strokes you through my belly and pokes you occasionally into a different position. Sorry about that but we gave you the nickname Thumper for a reason. You are a very kicky, wriggly baby in there.

I am writing you this letter 5 days before the date that you are ‘due’ to arrive. I wrote a similar letter to your brother (I will tell you more about him shortly) the day before he was ‘due’ and we had to wait another 15 days for him to arrive. I don’t think that you will be in a rush either, but part of me felt that today was the day to write this. I want to be sure that I capture how I feel now, before we meet you. You will come when you are ready I know that. I think that I am ready now.

So, what can I tell you. Well, everything is ready for your arrival. You have a bed to sleep in, a seat to rest in. You have soft small clothes to wrap you up in and some of them are very sweet indeed. We have chosen your name. It caused us a few headaches and lots of conversations but we have found ourselves back at the beginning, with the name we always wanted for a girl. I love it, I hope you will too.

There are lots of people who are excited to meet you. Your Daddy for certain. He is a soft touch and I am sure that you will have him wound around your little finger in no time. You have a brother, Piran, who keeps us busy at the moment. He is a kind and wonderful little boy and I cannot wait for the moment that you meet each other. Try to be nice to him occasionally as you grow up, I had a brother and I know that they can be hard work but I hope you love each other very much. He is pretty amazing I promise.

Things that you should know. We will always love you with all our hearts. Mum always knows best. If we tell you that you cannot do something it is for your own good. I will always be here for you, no matter what. There is nothing that you can do to stop me loving you. I will teach you to read and cook and sew and dance and create things. Your Dad is in charge of anything sport or gardening related.

You have a large family in Cornwall who are loud and crazy and wonderfully overwhelming. You will meet them as soon as we can manage. You have a quiet, reserved family that live round the corner. Nanny and Grandad and Auntie Alison will be around a lot. They will spoil you rotten.

Stay safe and warm in my belly for as long as you need but know that we are all here, waiting to meet and love and cuddle you. However and whenever you get here I promise to look after you as well as I have up until now. We have made space in our house and our hearts for you, our gorgeous girl. Whenever you are ready my love.

Mum and Dad

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