December 12, 2011

Well that last post was quite intense and miserable and then I disappeared for ages!

We have just had three weeks of illness and it is taking all our energy to get through each day making sure everyone is fed, watered and getting as much sleep as they can (sadly, not a lot).

There was a stomach bug, followed by a round of colds and both Piran and Kate have chest infections. I am ill too but it kind of fades into the background until I have a quiet five minutes, when it all hits me. I am dealing with a frustrated toddler who has not been out much and feels bad so acts up and it can be such hard work. Kate cries and stresses and is so unhappy but still will not let me cuddle her to make her better. Just once I held on long enough that her crying and head butting my shoulder stopped and she fell asleep. Can you believe that the last time I remember her falling asleep on anyone was when she was about four months old. She is so feisty and independent.

I wish that I was feeling happy and festive. Sadly I am not. I love Christmas and not only is this our first Christmas as a family of four it is our first at home since we had children and
I feel that this year will be the year that decides our traditions and routines and the rhythm of Christmas for us. My two sets of parents did things quite differently so I am keen to do things my way. Mind you at this rate it’ll be cook, eat, collapse. I have finished almost all the presents and I’ve written all my cards (just need to do the ones that I had inevitably forgotten).

One minute December was here and now we are half way to Christmas. I have managed to do a bit of Christmas crafting which cheers me up. I’ve been making 3D snowflakes and normal flat ones for the windows too. Piran and I made paper chains which was nice. I missed the Tots 100 Christmas party this weekend which was upsetting as we had booked the whole weekend away as a family.

All the energy I have had I’ve been trying to do nice things with Piran and Kate. Piran loves cooking at the moment which has happily coincided with Kate’s weaning so we have been baking and cooking and making treats for her. Kate is desperately trying to crawl, she gets forward but her legs get trapped under her and more often than not she ends up head butting the floor. She can definitely get around the room one way or another though, I dozed off on the sofa watching tv with Piran for five minutes last week and when I woke she had got right across the room and was licking the crumbs off my toast plate. She is definitely determined!

I want to get back to this blog, find some time for me and the things that I want to do. I have reviews I need to write which always bothers me if I feel they are overdue. I will find time, we have medicine and things are getting better. A decent nights sleep wouldn’t hurt. Maybe I’ll ask Santa for Christmas.

A post doesn’t feel complete to me without a picture so I’ll add these two. My babies are hard work when they are ill but luckily they look so beautiful when they are asleep that I forgive them anything.

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