Do you keep secrets?

September 2, 2010

At the weekend I was getting something out of the boot of the car and casually mentioned to my husband that I had reversed our car into a concrete post a few days ago, but there had been no damage. His response was to say that was okay, and by the way, my old car that I had about three years ago, he once reversed it into someone but didn’t tell me as there was no damage.

I was stunned. I just can’t keep a secret from him at all. Yes, things like presents and surprise plans I try and keep quiet but I know that they will be revealed at the time of the special occasion, and sometimes it is all too much and I have to tell him anyway. Like when I arranged for us to have a VW Campervan as our wedding car instead of the car he thought we had arranged through my parents. I managed to go all the way to the day before but I just couldn’t make it to the day.

I was thinking about secrets this afternoon as I came clean about something that I had done, that I wasn’t meant to do and had subsequently messed up. If I hadn’t told him it was very unlikely that he would have discovered what I had been up to, but I knew that it would eat me up inside and it was better just to come clean. In the end I deflected any telling off I might have received because he was checking his work emails on his Blackberry as I was owning up and I am so fed up of him doing that I shouted at him instead!

I am not sure that knowing everything about your other half is necessarily a good idea. I know for sure that we have not told each other everything about who we were before we got together, and I certainly am never going to come clean about all of the crap I got up to while I was young. But from the day that we got together I can honestly say I cannot think of any secrets I have kept from him.

What about you? Do you think honesty is the best policy in all cases or are a few secrets the key to a successful relationship? Are you good at keeping secrets?

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