Fabric play: Pink and Teal

February 20, 2013

Oh how I love fabric. I do own quite* a lot. This year I am really trying not to go mad and buy any more until I have worked through my stash a bit but then something sparks my interest, whether it is a fabric collection that I just HAVE to have like ‘Type‘ or one single fabric like ‘Ledger‘. Sometimes it is colour. I am a sucker for a turquoise or teal. And yellow. And orange. There are definitely some gaps in my stash though. So when I see something that really inspires me it is hard not to just fill my virtual cart with fabric and just go for it.

To try and restrain myself a bit I have just spent the past hour window shopping instead. I don’t need any new projects but I was so inspired by the colour combinations in Heather’s Finding Inspiration post over at Growing Spaces (such pretty interiors, giving me the urge to redecorate) that I just wanted to try and put some fabrics together for a quilt.

Fabric Play Pink and Teal

Fabrics are (clockwise from top): Valentina Skinny Vines in Garden, Field Study – Raindrops Poppies in Platinum, Les Amis – Star Pods in Teal, Quilter’s Linen – Grey, Cuzco – Citadel in Aqua, Valentina Skinny Vines in Aqua, Architextures – Crosshatch in Grey, Nursery Basics – Organic Solids Sky, Juggling Summer – Ovals in Turquoise, Sew Stitchy – Stitched Bird in Carnation.

I think that these would make the most amazing quilt for a girl’s bedroom. I don’t even like pink (and I have absolutely no pink fabrics at all in my personal stash) but I think that this would look so bright and fun that I just want to buy the fabrics and get making.

I had loads of fun putting this together and I think I should try and keep my eyes open for other combinations that inspire me and do the same again. I may not be able to make everything I think of but it will be a good record for when I am struggling for inspiration in the future.


*depends on your point of view really. I don’t think it is that much really.

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  • Reply Heather February 23, 2013 at 8:03 am

    Colours make me happy. And they’re so fun to play with 🙂

    • Reply Kelly February 24, 2013 at 7:31 pm

      I am getting braver with colour. I love wearing it but our home could do with more.

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