Fashionably late?

September 1, 2006

Okay so yesterday was World Blog Day. I did not find this out until this morning for a number of reasons, aminly being much slower than normal due to painkillers and anesthetic and stuff, and also because I was a good girl yesterday and actuslly did work at work as oppose to you know, blogging!

So I am psaying pish! to the rules and doing mine one day late. (The rest of the rules I will follow because I am a stickler for the rules really – actually so much so I think it is a sort of sickness, I totally freak when people break rules in my presence too, but totally cover it up because I don’t want people to know I am that uncool!)

Okay so I have to list 5 new blogs that I have found interesting and a bit about them.

As I am a bit strapped for time on this one (because I am already late and being late freaks me out, so much so I am usually obscenely early) I have found some blogs that have amused me today. Each of these have been found by ‘blog-hopping’ – going onto one of my favourite blogs and clicking on blogs in their blogroll that I have never read before and again from there until I find something that I really like.

Slay your demons. This one looks a little out of date but I had fun reading back over the old posts. The one from 20th March this year really made me smile. Basically it is just a place where you can air your dirty laundry and hopefully slay those demons you have at the same time. I hope there is more where this came from.

Forksplit Basically this girl made me laugh – in the first three posts I found out she smokes, has a wicked sense of humour, likes teen chick flicks and has a family who seem to have been dolled out some of the crazy along with mine. I love it!

Dooce I have heard about this site, famous as the author was fired because she wrote about people at work on her blog. It wasn’t until now that I had actually come across her site. It seems like a great read and her touching post about her marriage on their 4 year anniversary was lovely.

I am livid Mr Angry is the King of the Rant. You all know I love a good rant. Plus it seems he is single handedly attempting to solve the problems in this world – see Fixing the world.

The Copasetic Fish Slightly cheating on this one as I have been reading for a few weeks but I totally fell in love with her writing after her meal plan post a month ago. Plus it is great reading and deserves a mentio. So there!

Wow, this took me ages (because I had to do some um…work!) but it was fun. Will definately be keeping my eye on these.

Happy Belated Blog Day people.


  • Reply running42k September 1, 2006 at 7:30 pm

    Happy belated blog day to you.

  • Reply Anonymous September 8, 2006 at 7:09 pm

    thanks for the kind words! ~ c.f.

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