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November 11, 2005

Friday’s feast time…

If someone made a statue of you, in which pose would you like to be?
Asleep, just looking really peaceful with a small smile on my face.

What perfume/cologne does your best friend wear?

Is it really bad that I have absolutely no idea?

Name something satisfying about your work.

At the moment, everything. I am working on my own initative, designing processes and testing them out. No nasty customers on the phone to deal with it is great.

My normal job I would say the small (but getting bigger) training aspect of the job. From writing training documents to teaching people stuff I really enjoy it.

Main Course
What was the last excuse you made, and why did you need to make it?

This morning – I car share (and by that I mean I give three people lifts to work) and I overslept by 1 hour and only woke up because G#1 came knocking at my door. My excuse to them all was it was because I am ill.

Complete this sentence: I wonder why _________________.

I wonder why slug gloop does not wash out of socks.

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