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Festive Face Off – Button Christmas Trees

December 2, 2013

Every time I have thought about writing this post, and when I was taking part I had ‘Rocky’s Theme‘ running through my head.

*Jumps up and down, throws a couple of air punches*

ImageI was very excited when I received an email from a PR company working with Country Baskets asking if I wanted to take part in The Festive Face Off. My three favourite C’s – Christmas, Crafting and Competition so I was in! They said they would send me a hamper of goodies and I had two weeks to make a Christmas decoration for the home or garden. We could use any or all of the items sent to us and could also use items we have at home if required.


When the hamper arrived I was so very excited. I waited until I was home alone and then emptied it all out to see what I had. I wwas really excited by lots of the items but then I saw two packs of green buttons and inspiration struck!

button Christmas tree tutorial

You will need:

    • Thin green wire
    • Various sized buttons
    • Wire cutters
    • Thicker flat silver wire
    • Embroidery thread


    • Go through your buttons, selecting around 10 in various sizes starting with a large button and going down to a very small button. I found that it was easiest to sort all the buttons into rough sizes and then pick a couple from each pile.
    • Arrange the buttons in your hand so they are in the right buttons
    • Thread the thin wire through the button holes, starting at the bottom and working your way up one side.
    • At the top fold over creating a loop and feed back down the opposite holes.
    • Twist the top of the wire leaving a loop and the bottom to make a trunk. Trim using wire cutters.button christmas craft
    • At this point you could simply add hanging loop made out of embroidery thread and add to the tree but I decided I wanted mine to be larger than that.
    • Taking the flat wide wire judge a large circle and cut with the wire cutters.
    • Thread the button tree on and sellotape the two ends of the wire circle together.
    • Wind embroidery thread around the wire to cover the tape and create something to hang the item up with.button christmas craft2
    • Finally, find a place to hang. I am still working on that but I definitely want them either hanging from the window or from the ceiling.PicMonkey Collage

Hope that you like them. I think next time I am going to make multi coloured ones.

Thank you to Country Baskets for sending me the craft items. I have hung onto some others that are destined to be decorations if I get the time, and all of the rest I have given to Kate’s nursery for the children to use.

Image 1

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  • Reply Elaine Livingstone December 6, 2013 at 4:16 pm

    they are very effective tiered like that, great for doing with children

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