Finally, the weekend is here!

December 9, 2006

Is there anybody out there?

If there is (and I know there is because I checked my active meter stats) please go here and enter the competition. Judging will be too easy if I only have 2 entries (and why would you want to give me an easy life?)

Right, now that is off my chest I can get on with my usual mixture of random. Actually I know I keep saying this at the moment but I really have nothing to say! Drank too much caffeine at work today and passed the afternoon giggling to myself, unable to sit still. Then we all went out this evening for a Christmas meal. It was nice but I was driving so not drinking and made my excuses in the end when everyone had gone from amusing drunk to loud and bloody annoying drunk. I hate being around drunk people when I am sober. Probably because I end up wondering whether I am like that when I am drunk. It is a scary thought!

Anyway, I am looking forward to tomorrow. No alarm clock, a nice breakfast in bed and then chores and shopping and baking and icing my Christmas cake. Then in the evening we are going out with Paul’s friends for a curry and a drink. I love Saturdays!

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