Five wonderful years

January 18, 2011

Five years ago, on my first blog, I wrote a post about a crush I had on a guy at work. Reading it back I sound so young and silly, but that first drink was followed up by a date and quickly and unconditionally I fell in love. Within a couple of weeks we were living together, five years later we are married and in a few months we will be a family of four.

I’m pregnant and hormonal and to be honest I am finding it hard to type without crying. Mr C is everything I ever wanted in a best friend, husband, father to my children and so much more. He puts up with my craziness, he understands my family, and he loves me very, very much.

Way back when, before there was an ‘us’ he used to tease me at work because his team beat us at a quiz night one time. He would make the L sign on his forehead and snigger “Looooooser”.

Well, the last laugh is on me Cheese Face.

Because in this life I’m the winner.

I love you xxx

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