Letters to my children

Four and a half

November 4, 2015

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Dear Kate,

Today you turned four and a half. I realised sometime this afternoon and was so excited to tell you when I picked you up from school. You were completely uninterested and burst into tears and started hitting me. The afternoon is pretty full on when you have been at school all day and you are hungry. You do get yourself in a right pickle. That is two days in a row for after school tantrums. But I get it, it all gets a bit too much and you don’t know what to do with yourself.

It is a long time since I last wrote you a letter. I tried recording things differently earlier in the year but that didn’t seem to work out. Capturing who you are and how you are is so much harder as you get older. So I am just going to write some things that I would like to remember as you get older.

So far you love school. You go most days with little complaint and run off and line up as soon as we get there. You love being in the same place as your brother is. You like to draw and colour and love learning letters. You talk with a seriousness about any subject you have been learning about, as if we have no idea ourselves.


You move all the time. You are never still. You spend most of your time climbing on things or doing headstands on the sofa. And cartwheels on the sofa. And falling off the sofa. You love to fight with Piran. You love the rough and tumble.

You are a complete TV addict and would watch all the time if I let you. However you never just sit and watch. Your favourite this week is Hotel Transylvania. You also love Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, Home, Monsters University and Wreck It Ralph. You can’t wait to learn to read and like to pretend that you can already.

You are very mischievous and very funny. You have an answer for everything, and you are usually quick to lay blame at another person’s feet, even when it is obvious you are lying. You love music. You have a musical ear I think, you can usually sing back a tune after only hearing it once. You love bright clothes, and wearing what you want to wear, not what we suggest. You love telling me what to wear. You are friendly and easy going and seem to have a great bunch of friends at school.


You HATE having your hair brushed. You stopped wearing nappies at bedtime, a fact you gleefully told the Headmaster over lunch one day. You have got two certificates from school already. You love to dance. You love the water and swimming. You like to cook.

You do not like to go to bed. Bedtimes are usually a nightmare and you can drive us to our wits end. All we can do is be consistent and march you back upstairs. Sometimes it is hard to be serious when you are being cute and cheeky but bedtimes are the one thing I wish would change. I hate to finish our days by shouting.


You LOVE your brother. Massively. The two of you are so good together, you play, you chat, you look after each other. You want to be together and you are sad when you are not. He loves you back too. I hope that lasts and lasts. You are fiesty and strong and independent but you have your soft side too. You still don’t like kissing but you are happy to cuddle more these days. I take every one that I am offered.


You are a wonderful little girl and I look at you all gangly legs in the air, climbing and jumping and being upside down and I am amazed at you.


Mum x

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