Letters to my children


September 19, 2013

Dear Piran,

Back 6 weeks ago when it was your birthday and you turned 4 I would usually write you a letter – for a number of reasons that has not happened. It annoys me that something I have kept up so long has not been done this time so I have decided to borrow an idea from our good friend Emily and write a list of small things about you.

  • The way you smile
  • Your ‘cross’ face
  • The way you say “Aww MUM” like a teenager
  • Your bubbly laugh
  • The way you want to be with me at night
  • Your persuasive way of trying to get to sleep in our bed
  • How proud you were when you learned to ride a bike on holiday
  • The way you scoot – so casual and easy these days
  • Sleepy cuddles first thing in the morning
  • How much you seem to like school
  • You think rain comes from giants with watering cans
  • Your love for your sister
  • How caring you can be
  • How you love to run
  • Toast must be cut into triangles
  • The way you eat ‘wiggly pasta’
  • Rock, paper, scissors and the way you wait to see what we have chosen before picking yourself
  • Catching you making big strong shadow Pirans on your bedroom wall
  • The way you sleep with the light on
  • The occasional wrong word you still use – “Goaler” for Goalie and “Rapped” for Ripped
  • The way you sing to yourself, usually nonsense songs
  • Your brilliant song called “I love you” (I love you, I love yoooouuuu, I love YOOOOOUUUUUU)
  • How good you are with younger children
  • Putting you to bed
  • How much you get involved in things these days – shouting at the TV when the hero wins the race.
  • The way very occasionally you still ask me to read you your Elmer book
  • Your love of cuddles on the sofa
  • Listening to you playing alone, making up your little games
  • How you miss your Grandma
  • The way you remember things
  • The way you give me ‘a squeeze’

I am sure there are so many more but I hope that these will serve as a snapshot of you and me now.

Love you my gorgeous boy,

Love Mum x3f498a7c153a11e3b20922000aeb0b52_7

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