Fourth week

August 30, 2009

Well, I am sitting in bed typing this. My Dad and Stepmum are visiting for the long weekend and have taken Piran for a walk up to the shops. Mr C is downstairs watching a film and I am getting my first lie in for months (I couldn’t lie in when pregnant at the end because of the bump being so big and heavy!) I said I would be up by 10 but was just dozing and suddenly realised that I could be writing so ran downstairs for the laptop. This is bliss so I will try and drag out my privileges a little longer ;D

This week has gone past in a blur. I guess that will be the way of things from now on. We are not yet in a routine but I am craving one so badly so am thinking and making plans of how I can start to encourage Piran to find a daily routine that suits us both for now. We are lucky, he does seem to be settling into one at night – he usually has a feed between 12 – 1 and another between 3 – 4 but last night he went to sleep at 10.30 then had a feed at 1.15 and one at 5.30 so we all got some sleep last night, he even went back to sleep at 6am which was new!

Eventually I want to start getting him to have bedtime at 7pm, but at the moment he still has his difficult time of night between 7 and 9 so he isn’t ready yet. Still, any advice on how we start going about that would be amazing. We bought a monitor this weekend so we are all set to start putting him down in the bedroom by himself but we are waiting a little while yet as everything is off kilter with my parents staying etc.

So, last week. Let me see. Monday we went to Lewes – I had to pick up some bits and pieces and we went to the library (my favourite place, I cannot wait to share my love of books and stories with my baby. Story time, here we come!). On Tuesday two of the girls from work came over for a visit. It was lovely to see them, but very odd to hear about what has been happening at work. More stress and the usual complaints really. I cannot believe I am a quarter of the way through my maternity leave already, however it all seems like a different life, one at the moment I can hardly get my head around. The only thing really miss at the moment are my friends and the fact that I was super organised at work and had a fabulous routine!! It was great to see the girls though and they had a cuddle and bought me chocolates. Yummy.

On Wednesday we were up early and went to Tesco to buy picnic food for Girlie number 2’s visit later that afternoon. Last time she visited Piran cried the whole time. This time, he slept! The weather was not really up to a picnic so we spread the blanket out in the front room and had it there. Later on Piran and I had a homeopath’s appointment. I love Amanda my homeopath but unfortunately this was the last time that I am seeing her as she lives in Cyprus most of the time so has decided to stop practicing here. I am so sad, she is a wonderful person and so easy to talk to and I have loved seeing her over the past 18 months. I am not sure if I will find someone else or just wait and see what happens because I think I got more from talking to her than I did from the remedies. We will see.

Thursday morning Piran and I were up at at them, we went to Brighton and did Churchill Square quickly. I had some breastfeeding tops to take back to H&M because I am not needing them and so I got store credit and went straight to their kids store and spent the lot on Piran. Mr C could not complain though as it wasn’t really spending money! Here is our haul:

Then on Friday I took Piran for our first visit to baby clinic. It was very quiet, I was expecting chaos but there were only 4 other people there the whole time that we were. I had walked there (it is about a mile up the road near the shops). I felt very nervous but it was all simple enough. Off came Piran’s clothes and nappy, onto the scale and he was weighed – 11lb 5.5oz! Chunky monkey. I wasn’t quick enough though and we had a wee wee shower all over him and the scale and the nice lady. The shame. Just as new people arrived. I remembered the Mum from my antenatal class so said hi and then took Piran to the shops. As we were walking back the lady was there again and stopped to have a chat. I tried my best but I think that she asked more questions about me and Piran than I did about her. I did find out she was called Louise and had a baby girl, Erin who is about a week older than Piran. I know where she lives and she said to pop in for a coffee if I am passing. Bit scary, open invite but I thought I could knock as I am going to the shops to see if she is in, and if she is see if I can pop in on the way back. That way she has some notice, or we can arrange a proper time. I have to make myself do this for Piran’s sake, he will need someone other than Mummy to play with.

I asked my Mother In Law if she would look after Piran for a couple of hours between feeds on Friday afternoon. She came and collected him at 1pm and took him for a little walk and then to their house while I blitzed the house for the weekend visitors. Their bed was under all of my maternity and work clothes as I had been clearing out my wardrobe! So I did 2 hours cleaning (and felt so much better for it, the house was beginning to get me down, it is hard when you are here all day looking at the dirty floors but not having the time or energy to deal with them!). Then at 3pm there was an almighty rumble of thunder and it threw it down so I jumped in the car and drove to her house. Piran had been asleep the whole time so I stopped for a drink and then he woke up so I gave him his bottle. They had bought him a chair to sit in and were dying to give it a go. It is proper fancy, it plays tunes and rocks him. At our place we have to do the rocking oursleves! Here he is:

They were having so much fun and it was sunny again I left him there and came home to make dinner. He was delivered back a hour later, after doing a big poo for his Nanny to clear up (that’s my boy!). Unfortunately, my Dad and Stepmum were coming from Cornwall and the traffic was really bad. Piran had his feed at 8.30 and went out like a light and they arrived at 8.45. Typical.

Yesterday we went to Nymans Gardens. It was a lovely day and I have some pictures I will post later. Now I have to get up and shower as it is almost 10.30 and this is a long post. I am looking forward to this week as Mr C is on holiday so we have a whole week together as a family. Must admit I have an appointment for a haircut and I am going to Ikea for fabric one day too on my own but I deserve a little holiday too ;o)

If you are still with us here are some of this week’s photos and please any bedtime routine advice you have, chuck it in the comments. Thank you as usual.

This week Piran started to make sounds like the odd ohh and ahh not just crying or whinging! His neck is getting so strong as he is starting to focus. He goes cross eyed all the time which freaks me out but I watched him follow his Daddy out of the room with his eyes which is amazing. His hair is falling out but mainly on top so he has an old man’s hair style, like a monk. He is eating well but still wants a bottle every 2 hours during the day, so I am trying to drag that out a little. He loves his jungle and will lie in it quietly if he is happy and awake. He is awake so much more which is fun for me but also tiring! The corners of his mouth tun up more now and we are starting to get a tantalising glimpse of that first true smile. How awesome will that be?


  • Reply Mrs OMG Pregnant August 30, 2009 at 8:39 pm

    Lovely post. Great to hear how you are doing and make sure you go and knock on that door. You're right, Piran will need more than Mummy to play with, but Mummy will also need more than Piran to talk too!

    Let's arrange a meet up too. When's good for you guys? Email me xx

  • Reply Laura - Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy? August 30, 2009 at 10:25 pm

    What a cutie he is!

    I seem to recal having both babies downstairs with us in the moses basket in the evening till they were about 6-8 weeks old, then started slipping into more of a routine.

    I think the turning point was when feeding was in a definite routine and he/she were sleeping better at night.

    There's no right or wrong.
    Take it easy, it will come eventually.

    Daytime routines were the same, came in time.

  • Reply amy August 30, 2009 at 10:32 pm

    awwww hes gorgeous its making my overies hurt lol! try to get him to bed at 9pm when hes more settled then gradually bring it back by half an hour. thats how i did it with mine, it does work i promise. it sounds like your doing fab well done you xxx

  • Reply Cafe Bebe August 30, 2009 at 10:32 pm

    You will get into your own rhythm in your own time. We didn't really settle into a routine for quite a while. Little Miss is in one now but there are times when we “break” it.
    I love The Baby Whisperer and Supernanny Jo Frost is brilliant. I recommend Jo Frost's book Confident Baby Care…very helpful and encouraging and loving. We are all about what Little Miss needs in this house. I don't mean that we spoil her but what works in books generally doesn't with Little Miss. We do what works for her and it then works for us. I'll email you more if you like. I'm going to post about this as well. Don't rush yourself…enjoy Piran and find your rhythm together. It'll come. And particularly as he is able to go longer between feeds, you'll be able to set a schedule. I wrote a lot of things down to start to try to determine what was going on and if there was a pattern. I recommend that! I babble on, don't I. Just use your common sense…you'll get there in the end. 😉
    Love, Karin

  • Reply Lorraine August 30, 2009 at 10:42 pm

    What a nice post and a lovely baby, he's cute as a button.

    We did pretty much the same as Amy, settled smurf around 9ish, he also had a really restless crying time between about 8 -9, then we just gradually started to bring it forward, seemed to work for us.

    You will both find your own routine that works for you, the main thing is to relax, as much as possible and enjoy Piran. xx

  • Reply Pippa August 31, 2009 at 7:29 am

    With Baby Boy we let him decide what was going on sleep wise and he choose 9-10pm as when he would like to fall asleep, but we included him in Top Enders routine and he gradually got use to a 7:30-8pm bedtime.

    Your doing great though, so don't worry what we all did, just do what you think is best for you!

  • Reply Laura McIntyre September 2, 2009 at 9:53 am

    Oh he really is a cutie .

    As for routine we just kept doing the same thing night after night . Right from the beginning each of my 3 would get bath at the same time followed by feed and bed . I would not let them sleep for a while before bedtime so they would go to sleep (how late would change depending on age , as a newborn maybe just wake an hour before . Now almost 1 year old is not allowed to sleep later than 3) .

    Even if he goes through the rough patch between 7-9 would be worth still starting the bedtime routine earlier , my boy would feed and fuss all evening for the first few months but would still be bathed and in night cloths with his sisters. It took longer to work with him than it did with the girls but now its great as the 3 kids are down between 5.30-6.30

  • Reply clareybabble September 2, 2009 at 11:18 pm

    What a lovely little man he is!

    When I had Little S it took ages for him to get into a routine. Thing is, when you get into one sort of routine, something happens, like teething, cutting down on naps or feeds, then your routine changes again!

    I know that sounds crap but in time you'll both get into the swing of it and a slight change in the routine is manageable. Not explaining myself very well am I?!

    At night I started straight away with bath at about 7pm, then story and feed, all with very dim lighting. I'd be feeding by 7.30 – 8pm and then again about 1ish, then again early morning. Worked quite well for us xx

  • Reply Victoria September 11, 2009 at 2:53 pm

    Ah, he's so gorgeous and it sounds like you are doing brilliantly.

    with routine, I would just start as I meant to go on, with bath, feed and bed at 7ish, accepting that it would take a few weeks for them to actually fall asleep at 7. Until he gets used to it, there'll be a fair amount of hopping up and down to settle him (or sitting on the laptop just outside his bedroom in my case!). I found they only really cried if they were hungry, then I'd give them a little top up and settle them again. It's a few weeks of distruption, but worth it in the end. Get in plenty of easy meals so you don't have to cook in the evenings, or get your hubby to do that bit for you. Good luck!

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