Friday Lunch

February 10, 2006

What was a class or course you took while in school that you realize now was a total waste of time?

All of them? I guess I would say French as whenever I go to France I realise I have totally forgotten it all!

Who is the tallest person you know?
A friends’ Dad in Cornwall was over 7 foot. Made me feel like a midget. It’s funny watching him try and get into a Citroen CV

What’s your favourite midnight snack?

Chocolate biscuits and milk.

Main Course
Have you ever found money somewhere? If so, where did you find it, and how much was it?

Find money? No such luck. My step brother used to all the time. I was walking through town with a friend a while ago and he picked up a tenner. I did find a wallet stuffed with cash at the cinema a couple months ago but I handed that in.

Where would you like to retire?

Cornwall. I miss it and it is beautiful. Everyone seems so much more relaxed and no one rushes about! But I think I might have to have somewhere warm to go in the winter! For my health obviously!

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  • Reply soulmining February 10, 2006 at 1:51 pm

    True story – I found a fifty pound note outside a phone box on North Street as I was on the way to the pub one evening… 🙂

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