Friday morning

October 22, 2010

We had a solid 7 hours sleep last night. Sadly, that is worth mentioning these days!

It was a cold but wonderful morning outside. Pale and soft. The sky was powder blue and covered in broken up scribbles of white clouds. The world seemed slightly pink around the edges, promising sunshine later. Ribbons of vapour hung magically in the air, seeming to disappear as I got closer. The fields were iced with frost and mist and great oak trees rose majestically out of the haze. It was beautiful and mysterious and took my breath away.

Paulo Nutini was on the radio and I bopped and sang along, freed by the rare occurrence of being the only person in the car. Lyrics made tears appear in my eyes as I had the time to stop and think about how lucky I am. I was there in the moment, not thinking about what comes next or worrying about this pregnancy or the future. I didn’t feel ill or tired or overwhelmed. It felt wonderful.

Seems such a shame to waste this mood on a day at work *sigh*

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